Harry Potter and the Ten Magical Reasons why Tilda Should Watch the Series

It’s ok Tildy, I haven’t read the books either… most of the books. Let’s not start by telling lies.  Books aside, the movie franchise is incredible! They start out with awesome cheesy effects thanks to that “small” budget of $125 Million.  And like the budget, the visual effects only get better…  actually everything gets better.

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (aka YOU’RE A WIZARD HARRY)

This is where it all begins:  The Journey, the mystery, the witchcraft, the wizardry! This is where you meet Harry, the boy in the cupboard under the stairs. Why is he in a cupboard you ask? Because (spoiler alert) his parents are dead.

This movie sets all the foundation you need to follow along with 11 year old Harry and his friends as they deal with things far beyond their years.  You get to see the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! You’ll even get sorted into one of four houses by a freaking hat! Ok no you won’t, but you’ll want to! I’m a Hufflepuff, but sometimes I feel like a Ravenclaw because I can be an asshat sometimes. I digress.

  1. That theme song though!

The name John Williams probably won’t ring a bell, but the composer has an incredible list of music and movies to his name and Harry Potter is one of them! He’s composed music for countless movies including: Starwars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Superman, and Jurassic Park just to name a few. The music, just like the movies, has become classic! He is a musical genius in every right.  He’s probably an actual wizard so it’s no surprise that the Harry Potter theme feels magic itself! I still get chills when I hear it.


Wait, was that Wes Gibbons AKA How to Get Away with Murder?  YES, AS A SMALL CHILD! Before he was trying to get away with murder he was trying to stay alive thanks to Harry Potter and his shenanigans AKA Dean Thomas.


And then you have Edward Cullen himself, but before he was a self-loathing vampire he was Cedric Diggory. Although he doesn’t look that much younger (actual vampire?), it’s nice to see him as a happy kid before he became a Cullen and hated more than just the thirst for Bella’s blood.

Even seeing Daniel, Emma, and Rupert as children again is strange.

  1. DRAMA

Who doesn’t like hot gossip? Who doesn’t want to watch other people try to handle their drama? WELL you might as well call this The Real Housewives of Hogwarts cause HARRY POTTER HAS ALL THE DRAMA AND HIS FRIENDS LOVE TO TRY TO FIX IT HELP OUT.  From your simple run of the mill stuff like trying to make friends, or pass a class to TRYING NOT TO FREAKING DIE.  Love, Lies, and deception IT’S ALL THERE.

  1. All jokes and magic aside these movies are more than duels and potions class. These movies have heart. Once you dive into this franchise it’s hard not to find your favorite characters and cling to them.  These movies will make you laugh, cry, and might even break your heart.

  1. The community

The Potterhead community is a dedicated bunch. We love to welcome new Potterheads in with open arms! We are as passionate as we are caring.

wands up

Just don’t get us started on who is the best house, cause we are loyal through and through and if I hear one more Hufflepuff-is-for-stoners joke I’m going to “Stupefy” the next bloke.

  1. This Symbol

You’ll start to notice this tattoo on people and know what it means

  1. Not only that:

You finally know those famous quotes that so many people say in their daily lives!  Or even the occasional blog post…

  1. The Harry Potter Universe

J.K. Rowling created this whole world! She has so much passion for the world of Harry Potter, and for her fans.

And it’s made her a billionaire! Although Harry Potter is primarily set in England, we do see glimpses of other magical schools, and she didn’t stop there!  We will soon see an expanded universe in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them when the magic is sent to the big apple.  J.K is straight up Girl Power and an Inspiration!

  1. Oh yeah, like I mentioned: It’s set in England so that means…

ACCENTS! For 8 whole movies you get to enjoy the accents of the English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and MORE. These reasons are in no particular order, but the accents alone should be number 1. You like BBC right?

Now, let’s plan a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, ok?

xo Tiana

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