Real Talk – Ten Reasons Why Tilda Needs HP in Her Life.



Okay, let’s just say where I greatly enjoy the fantastical, Tilda, you seem to prefer realism and drama that makes you say “oh snap”. But still, I think I may be able to convince you.

You already squashed my reason # 1, but I feel like it’s the truth, so I’m leaving it.

#1. It’s a classic. And not an old timey had-to-study-it-in-school classic, but a classic that invokes a nostalgia so strong that you get goosebumps, you get tears in your eyes, and you find yourself grabbing the nearest wand-like object and sticking it in the air and crying “Always!”.

wands up

#2. You would get the “Always” reference.

he he he

#3. But seriously, Rowling is my queen before Bey any day. And she can be yours too if you would only open up your heart.

Rowling is our queen

#4. You may think HP is all about Magic, but really it’s just three kids growing up and trying to get through school, just with a bit of extra drama. Relatable, right?


#5. They deal with crazy stalker-like girlfriends.


#6. Brooding, misunderstood, bullies.


#7. That damn popular jock who is handsome and good at everything.


#8. Plus you have some fierce-ass women, and good one liners.


#9. Only then, do you add in magic, that  brings it all together.







#10. Plus I bet your tired of people giving you these looks when you say you’ve never seen or even read Harry Potter.
head shakesassy hermione

And a Bonus #11: No matter how tentative, even scared you may be to join the potter-heads, we will always welcome you with open arms, and embrace you in a tender hug.



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