The Harry Potter Virgin


In my experience saying you have never seen Harry Potter is like saying you don’t like Beyonce. You just don’t say it! You keep that shit to yourself because that’s how you lose your friends faster than Americans leaving the country after Donald Trump wins. Every time I have revived my dark secret that I have never seen it, I have noticed there are 2 types of Harry Potters those who ask a million questions  like:

What do you mean you have never seen the movies ?

Have you read the books at least. ? The answer is no.

So were you like born yesterday?

Do you live under a rock ?

Not even ONE movie ?

Come on you are lying or joking? Thanks.

And those who just walk away not even wasting their breath cause they know there is no hope for me.

My excuse is always: ” I was born in Africa. We didn’t have the leisure of going to the movies.”  It  is somewhat true. Then again I came to Canada in 2005. I have had 11 years to catch up. But That’s a lot of books to read. And those things are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

My challenge to you Potterheads (I had to Google what Harry Potter fans are called.)
Give me 10 convincing reason, or explain why I should watch it beside “its a classic” because that the one I always get. My 2 personal reasons that I thought would get me to watch are:
A: I am unemployed so I really have nothing going so I might as well watch it.

B :I want to be on the jokes! People are always making Harry Potter jokes I don’t get.



Tiana’s Harry Potter and the Ten Magical Reasons why Tilda Should Watch the Series

Kaya’s Real Talk – Ten Reasons why Tilda Needs HP in her Life.



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