10 Reasons Why – Luther




Netflix describes Luther as “A genius detective with anger issues ?  the PERFECT MAN to chase down  psycho killer. but at what cost?”.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good BBC TV show.  Some might say I am obsessed, but I am OK with it that. Finding a new British TV show to watch brings joy  to my life.  I will admit I was a little hesitant. Shows about psycho killers are usually not my cup of tea, but when your boo is on a show, you have to watch it to show your support. After watching the first episode, I was hooked. And  for the longest time I have been trying to force anyone who has eyes to watch Luther. I have convinced only one person to watch it so far. I can see why people are hesitant to watch it, but you only have to watch the first episode to get hooked. So basically in my own words I would describe the plots as:

 The show is about Detective Chief Inspector john Luther, aka DCI Luther. A sexy black men whose life motto (when it comes to criminals) is The end justifies the means”. He’s willing to do anything good or bad to get the bad guy. Every episode is new psycho killer and its up to john to catch the killer before they kill more people. So here are 10 reasons  why you should stop whatever show you’re watching and watch Luther.


#1. First of all: 2 words  IDRIS ELBA!!!!! I feel like I should just end there and y’all should be good to go start a marathon to a whole new world of sexiness. 


#2. If the English accent brings you joy, then this show is for you, so many English dialects. And so much slang, your heart will grow a million times.


#3. DS Justin Ripley.  Justin is Luther’s only friend. He is so sweet and so loyal, if you look up loyal in the dictionary you would see Justin’s face.  In one episode Justin even went to Jail for Luther.


#4.  Alice Morgan. A little bit of spoiler alert but, Alice she is a total psycho who  Luther investigates in the first episode.  From then on, Alice is obsessed with Luther,  can you really blame her though?  There isn’t that many tv shows where the bad guy is friends with the good guy and the good guy already knows that the friend is psycho.


#5. Diversity.  Mostly because the lead character is black. How many British TV shows out there have black people as leads so its plus.


#6. You already know who the killer is in most episodes, so the thrill is in how Luther will catch them. The way he solves these crimes is like a game of cat and mouse.


#7.  You never know what the hell is going to happen in this show. Seems like all the things on the show can happen in real life, which makes it very intense. The kind of show you have to pause so you can prepare yourself for what’s about to happen next.


#8. ITS ON THE CANADIAN NETFLIX !!!!! So there is no excuse. It’s very accessible.


#9. It’s a very short series. There are 4 seasons, 17 episodes that are an hour-long each. 17 hours, that’s not even a whole day . So you could watch the whole series in one day or one weekend. If you are like me, and do marathons all day, then you will finish this in no time.


#10. And lastly, again Idris Fucking Elba. He is a BBG, get your mind out the gutter, BBG Stands for that Black British Guy. Everyone’s weakness: a brother with an accent. So go watch it. 




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