Jericho Beach


We have finally started our beach tour starting with Jericho Beach.  First of all, it’s located in Vancouver’s west side, so if you live near there: GREAT! If you happen to live in East Van then it’s pretty far, but you can get there VIA public transit (which is something we didn’t do…) Anyway! Jericho has a nice large grassy area and has a small concession (beach hot dogs, anyone?).  We went around mid-afternoon so the beach was pretty empty, we even got a log!  The beach itself was quite nice and large in comparison to some downtown beaches.

I’m told there are also rabbits nearby, I didn’t see any.  Also, you can rent kayaks or paddle boards from the Ecomarine rental shop near Jericho Sailing Centre (which, hey Kaya and Tilda, is something we should do!)

Even though the west side beaches are a pain in the butt to get to, I prefer them to the closer downtown beaches! I would definitely visit Jericho again!


  • There are washrooms!
  • The water is nicer than downtown
  • I don’t think I would swim in it…

Kaya got a nosebleed… so maybe on a hot day, don’t go hungover:


2016-06-06  we are at the beach from  2 till 5


  • It’s far as fuck for some one who lives in East Van, and who takes public transit. it takes about an hour and half to get there so be prepared for an all day adventure.
  • Bring lots of  water, snacks, and an actual meal because there are no stores close by to buy things. There is a concession though.
  • The Life Saver Popsicle was $4 for ONE!!!! Go to superstore get 12 for less than $5.
  • Not the cleanest washrooms out there either.


  • I got a Life Saver Popsicle, forgot how good those are. For a second I forgot I had paid almost $4 for it.
  • Not having to go up a hill on our way back.
  • It’s very quite if you want to read a book, it’s a good place to go!
  • The ocean breeze was not an awful smell!
  • Not crowded.

Final thoughts would I go back ? Ummm if I was being driven there then yeah but it was good.


Jericho Beach holds a tender place in my heart since that was my family’s go-to when it came to sea-side gatherings, so it was lovely to be able to celebrate my birthday there!

Although I am obviously biased, Jericho really is my favourite Vancouver beach… yes I know I haven’t been to all of them, but still. Yes it is a bit of a trek from where we call home, but it has such a nice charm to it. It’s quiet and peaceful, and with downtown looking so small and distant, you feel like you have stepped away from the craziness of the city. It’s a nice breath of fresh air.

On this day, the tide was very very very low, and I have decided that although Jericho is my favourite beach, I don’t appreciate it as much at low tide. It was super seaweedy and strange, and I kinda regret not taking a good photo to illustrate this.

I also feel like there was so much of Jericho that we didn’t get to see, and that we have to go back so that Tiana and Tilda realize it’s full potential! As Tiana mentioned, there are bunnies! There is so much greenery! So much more to explore! However since Tilda won’t go without a ride, I think it’s time either I got my lisence, or Tiana got a car.




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