Three Girls, One Seawall

Kaya had a day off so you know what that means: THREESCOOPS ADVENTURE! We started our day with brunch, because brunch is #1 always. We went to Chez Cora, a family style restaurant with an amazing breakfast menu.

We’ve been to Cora’s before but when something is that good you don’t mess with it. 10/10 would recommend.

After a hearty brunch we made our way to the Seawall, unintentionally starting at the 0 km mark in Stanley Park.

We went mid-afternoon which worked perfect for me, there wasn’t many tourist/joggers/cyclist/whatever on the path. Having minimal people to speed walk past really made the walk enjoyable, and before long we were well on our way!

Usually walking from English Bay or Coal Harbour you rarely get to see some of the attractions that are in the middle. Don’t usually see this view up close (Lions Gate Bridge)

Before long we were over half way and determined to finish the entire 9km walk! Or maybe we were just driven my the thought of Starbucks at the end.

And then before we knew it:

We walked 9 whole kilometres, which only included the Seawall itself. Adding our walk to Coras and to the Seawall, I’d say we walked well over 10km! Go us! After 3 years of living in Vancouver I can finally say I’ve walked the whole Seawall!


  • It’s flat which makes for easy walking
  • There are additional trails through Stanley park if you’re feeling extra adventurous
  • There are minimal washrooms
  • I didn’t see any whales 😦

It took about 2 hours to walk, so definitely go prepared (e.g. Pee and eat beforehand).

Xo Tiana


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