Awkward Black Girl- 10 Reasons Why

10 reasons to watch Awkward Black Girl

The new Issa Rae trailer for her HBO TV show, Insecure came out this week and it got me hyped up. It inspired me to  write a 10 reasons why  you should  most definitely check out The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The web series is about  Issa Rae as J an awkward black girl and how she deals with her Job, friends and her love life.

#1. Issa Rae –  My #wwc, I aspire to be a lot of  strong independent woman,  in fact I have lists of people I wish I could be and Issa Rae is on it . First of all she is one of the people who started the natural hair movement, so pros. There are very few black female Youtubers who do scripted comedy  eg  Akilah Hughes  Franchesca Ramsey. She has her own book and soon she will have her own HBO show.


#2. White Jay-Jay is one of J’s love interests, he is cute and super awkward too which makes their relationship beautiful .


#3. J’s Raps- When J is having trouble expressing her feelings, she writes rap song about it and her raps are so funny and awkward you will die laughing.


#4. Diversity-The series is the most diverse I have ever seen in media . All ethnicities are represented and it doesn’t feel forced.The creators could have decided to do an all black cat,t but they went with diversity cause the real world has different kinda people not just one.


#5.So Awkward It Hurts-  The series has awkward in the title  so its only right awkward shit happens.


#6.Great series if you hate your job- If you are having trouble enjoying your work life . watching this series and how she deals with her racially insensitive boss who can take a lesson in cultural appropriation.


#7. It’s Funny- The series is well written , and j’s inner thought come backs are so good.


#8 Friendship- Cece and J are awkward together. its nice when you find the yin to your yang 

#9. Not Stereotypical –  The series show case a different black girl that is not usually highlight in media. Usually black woman are portrayed  as “loud and sassy “which we are not.


#10. Easily Accessible– The web series is available on YouTube, you don’t have to pay for anything it’s fast and easy. Also it’s very short you can finish in a day the longest episode is 14 minutes long . There is 2 seasons ,25 episodes. What are you waiting, for click watch below . PS the production quality gets better so keep watching.




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