Put It In Love Song By Alicia Keys ft Beyonce music video : DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED

So if you are like me and are a fan of Alicia Keys and Beyonce you were real excited when this dynamic duo collaborated back in 09 on the little number know as Put It In Love Song and when you heard they where in Brazil to shoot the “music video” you couldn’t wait for it to drop. Which you should have waited for because this is how it went down:

The year was 2009, young and naive Tilda was full of hope and getting ready to graduate high school. Whilst she was doing that her close and personal friends Alicia and Beyonce were having an adventure in Brazil.


They were shooting the music video for Put It In a Love Song, a song from Alicia’s keys studio album The Elements of Freedom..Beyonce-and-alicia-keys-put-it-in-a-love-song Which young Tilda later realized the album should have been called “The Elements of Lies”. As Young Tilda was studying, she would occasionally go on celebrity gossip websites and see how the “music video” was coming along.

Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles
Singers Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys are decked out in authentic Samba costumes as they film their new music video for their duet “Put it in a Love Song.”

and it looked like the video was coming along great. Then Alicia and Beyonce came home, and released a teaser trailer for the “music video”.

and Young Tilda waited for days. she was hyped AF.51744941

She would run home everyday after school hoping and wishing the video would be out.


but the Put it in Love Song “music video” never came. It never saw the day of light.tumblr_inline_nth2fbNdv21sjs49f_400  

Young Tilda grew up from Lil Til to just Tilda. Now from time to time she thinks about that “music video”, and is awaiting for this injustice to be justified.

.                                               60724620

* Alicia keys said the video might go on Tidal (aka,  she just wants people to stfu and stop bring it up). ALSO lets just pour some salt and alcohol on this wound for me, like thanks Alicia I  was over it and now you want to being it up and put it on a place i cant access…*

**The world is a cruel place since my free Tidal trial has expired after the lemonade release**

“Say you love me and put it in video preferably on YouTube”



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