Kaya the Crazy Cat Lady

So, as my cats have already flooded my instagram and facebook page, I feel it’s only right to extend their social media presence to this blog. I recently acquired a DSLR from my boyfriend’s dad  and figured the best practice-subjects were my kitties.

I have already been told to stop posting pictures of my cats online, but  guess what? Never. Gonna. Happen.

So let me start by introducing them.

This is Rosie. She is 4 years old, and we adopted her a year ago from the SPCA:


She’s a real peice of work. Or if we’re being truthful, a psycho bitch. She still rarely lets strangers touch her, but we love her anyways. Because she is so temperamental, it’s a true joy when she let’s you play, or when she comes for a quick snuggle.

This is Charlebean (Or Beans, Beansy, Picklenuts, or what ever comes out of our mouth on a given day). She is just over a year and a half and we got her as a kitten:


She is a psycho too,  but not a bitch. She’s crazy in a derpy, runs into walls, falls off tables sort of way. She has so much Joie De Vivre in her tiny heart, and loves to snuggle and kiss your face when you are trying to sleep.

I bugged my boyfriend into getting me little kitty companies for a few months and the reason was that I’m introverted and he’s relatively extroverted. So while I really do enjoy spending the majority of my time at home alone, I still would sometimes get a twinge of loneliness after a few hours, especially when he would go out of town for work.

He finally relented, and it really was the best decision ever… although maybe not.. depending how you look at it. Now I spend EVEN MORE time at home, and I don’t get lonely or bored. I just talk to my kitties, sing to my kitties, dance with my kitties.. and now do photoshoots with my kitties.  Now I’m just trying to see if we can get another one.. but I don’t see that working out anytime soon…

So in the meantime, just enjoy more high quality photos of my beautiful babies:





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