QLC or Quarter Life Crisis, but QLC makes me feel better…

As previously mentioned I quit my job a while ago and it unknowingly thrust me into a quarter life crisis. Now, I planned on having a QLC, but I thought it would have come about 9 months ago when I first turned 25 (cause I’m going to live to 100).

Now there are definitely a few tell-tales signs that I am currently in a QLC:

1) The Obvious: I quit my job. I did so with minimal savings and no new job lined up. Smart, right?


2) The amount of preparation I put into cooking for myself, if I cook at all.

Pizza again tonight? Why not! I haven’t been cooking much at all. It’s like I’m back in university trying to fend for myself with ramen. Thankfully though I haven’t been eating any ramen. Go Me!


3) The amount of deodorant I have been wearing. Spoiler alter! It’s very little but that’s because I haven’t been leaving the house…


4) I haven’t been leaving the house…

But I’m my defense leaving the house only makes me spend money. I’m weak. I can’t leave and not buy something.

5) I’m really milking the “me time” excuse

And it’s been great! the stress I have compared to when I had a job is basically non existent. And I know that it will be crunch time soon. I will need to get another job, I know that. For now I look at it this way: I’ve been working and in school since I was 16, there was no more summer break cause of that pesky job. Then there was university after high school. Then there was getting that job to pay my bills. Now it’s nothing but a breath of fresh air!


So until I find my footing, get a new job, and re-establish myself, this is my life! May my bank account not deplete at an accelerated rate.

Xo Tiana



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