Veronica Mars – 10 Reasons why


 Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

10 Reasons why you should marathon this little  gem .

My first crush ;Tamuka he was so beautiful he had this dark smooth and shiny skin. He was shiny probably cause 90 % of the population in Zimbabwe use petroleum jelly Vaseline nevertheless. His skin was flawless. I remember he was very smart too. Not like I ( is it I or me ) see what I am saying . He would have known.  He sat behind me and I would try to talk to him. He was not interested in me whatsoever.You have no idea. I tried all the grade one moves dropped hints like asking for a pencils when you already have one , letting him borrow my thingseven though you need them too. He was still not interested. He had his eyes set on someone other little bitch who was just as smart as him. I am being  a little harsh she was probably not bitch since we were only 6 years old and I might have been brimming with envy. Anyways I digress you are probably like WHAT THE FUCK ! Tilda what does this story have to do with the title  “10 reason why you should  Veronica Mars” .The point I am trying to make is that I remember my very first crush just as much as I remember the first TV show I binged watched. I remember when and where it happened.  The year was 2010 it was fall I had just moved to Vancouver and had no money or many friends . My friend Aldrin invited me over for a sleepover. He recommended the show. At first I was like I am not interested. Then the show left on cold hanger I got hooked. I have watched the series 5 times in the course of 6 years 

Since “OH MY GOD, IT’S SO GOOD” is not convincing enough ,here is 10 reasons why              The plot is Veronica’s best friends lily gets murdered , Veronicas dad  wrongfully accuses lily’s dad for killing his OWN his daughter . Veronica’s dad loses his job as sherrif he has to start his on PI ,also now Veronica she is an outcast at school now.

#1. Veronica/Feminism  – Is Veronica Mars one of my personal heros? umm YES. You are like how is that possible you got nothing in common.  Well to that I say  aah come yourself racist. Someone doesn’t have to be the same skin color as you for you to relate. First of all she is raised by a single dad, I was raise by a single dad. She is not the stereotypical, Dumb Blonde bimbo or is she ditzy. She is also not a damsel in distress. She solves other people problems on top of her own problems.  Overall she is #badbitch who solves mysteries whilst being funny. Basically she is a bad ass Nancy Drew . My favorite when she is undercover and pretends to be other people.

#2. Keith mars / Father and daughter relationship – Keith Mars is TV’s best dad ,sorry Phil Dunphy from modern family. Phil you are a good dad but you are no Keith. Keith is a single dad taking care of teenage daughter. As person raised by a single dad, the relationship being Keith and Veronica holds a special place in my heart. Its nice to have a that father daughter relationship on TV there is not a lot of those out there. Keith is cool dad who is also funny.  My favorite joke is when Veronica asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he say “Your love and respect”

#3. Friendship /Wallace Fennel -Usually a black teenager boy and white teenage girl  can’t be friends without that weird sexual tension . But in show they scrapped all that nonsense and made veronica and Wallace became best friends.The creators made such a great job , when you are watching the show there isn’t one moment you will think Veronica and Wallace should be more than anything than just friends. 

#4. Cute Boys -So many cuties in this show. Where do I start? My favorite, Piz, the cute nerd. Piz is Veronica’s boyfriend in college. Leo the sexy cop. and Logan the rich bad boy.

#5. The Voice over -Kristen bell is a splendid narrator, her story telling skills are on point. She is so good, she narrated the whole Gossip Girl series. Lets not forget she is the voice of Anna in Frozen. I love a good story teller. I have stopped watching some TV shows because the narrator is not that (aka Jessica Jones). I really wanted to like you but I couldn’t.

#6. The drama/mystery – FYI this show has some really good cliff hangers if you are planning on a binge watching it . Make sure you don’t have important things happening the next day because this show is a great test for your self control. You wont be able to just stop watching till you find out who killed lily. 

#7. Humor – All though the show has lost of drama and mystery there is plenty of humor to keep things light. If you are a sarcastic person like me you will enjoy this show. Veronica is filled with plenty of wit , humor and is  extremely sarcastic.

#8. Backup- Veronica has a dog and that dog is called Backup. She takes the dog to her stakeouts for back up ,get it ? LOLS 

#9. Easy Access – Its easy to access. You can watch it on Netflix/Shomi or you can buy it on amazon for the low low price of $35 for all 3 seasons. 

#10. The Theme Song – This theme song is the Drake of all TV show intros, it will give you the greatest nostalgia. It will make you miss your elementary school friends .

After you finish the series, while you are at you might as well watch the movie.


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