Since I am always late to the party (not literary because I don’t go to parties, I am a home body). Anyways I was late to the party to like 1D. I started really liking them at the being of the last year (so 2015) . Ya I KNOW! its really late since they had been active for 5 years already. Back in the day when 1D first started and everyone was obsessing over this new British boy band that had just started, I was one of the people that made fun of people for liking them. Boy did I grow up to eat my words. I can remember when their songs started creeping on me. I was working at VS Pink and they would played the whole Take Me Home Album. I knew all the songs but I had no idea 1D sang them. My Favorite songs were Rock Me, Kiss You, and Back For You. A coworker and her boyfriend were obsessed with 1D. She was the one who really got me into them because she would play You and I. She got me hooked because I went home and downloaded the Midnight Memories album. Pretty much my all time favourite album because it has all my favorite songs. Also I call this album their Grown and Sexy Album because there is a lot of sexual innuendos it their songs. Even the album name “Midnight Memories” nothing innocent happens at night “bow chi wow”

So the question everyone wants to know the answer to is always  “who is your favorite?”          I actually have to take a deep sighing breath to answer this question because .This is the hardest decision I still have to make. Before I attempt an answer I will my give my person description of them because they all have characters I enjoy, Expect for one…

Niall- The Quirky Irish 

 Before my 1D obsession I was following this girl on tumblr  and she was in love with Niall, and I didn’t get it he wasn’t the cute one, Harry was so I was told. My eyes were opened, when they came to Vancouver last summer. When they would do their wardrobe changes they had one member at a time talk to the audience. By far Niall was the most outgoing, he has such a big personality. His Irish accent and guitar got me in the feelings. And when he did a remix to Rack city, using Van City I fell even more in love.  I think Niall is the type who always wants to see people smile. Like if you were having a bad day he would do something to cheer you up. Also he is more likely to be put in the friend zone. He is too shy to make the first move so you got to make the first move.

Harry Styles -The Sexy Bad Boy 

Harry, oh Harry. I really want to lie and say I was above it all, I couldn’t careless for him. BUT That ain’t true. I am one of those unfortunate souls to be put under Harry Styles hair spell. Can you blame me? he has tattoos, long hair, and great smile. what more could you want. With all those great qualities you definitely cant trust him. He is a hit it and quit it kinda guy. The kinda guy who flirts with you when he knows you are in relationship. And as soon as your relationship with Liam is over he will take advantage of you at your most vulnerable. You try to get mad at him  but you are really mad at yourself because you secretly wanted him too. You guys are now friends with benefits. I think Harry will definitely test your professionalism. He would probably make you turn tomato red by asking “what are you doing after work” right in front of you boss.

Liam -The One You Bring Home To Mama / The Cute One 

Before I started writing post I was sure I loved the 1D  members equally, except for one. My answer was if a gun was on my head I would choose Liam. But the more I wrote about the members I said “Tilda why are you frontin? you know who the one is and was always is. Remember during the concert when you made the family of 5 in front of you very awkward and uncomfortable by constantly yelling LIAM I LOVE YOU!!!” Why is Liam the one ?  first of all look at that soft feature face the type of face you want to reproduces with. Secondly he loves older woman I am 1 year older than him so its perfect. I think he is a relationship type of guy, he falls in love quickly. He treats his girlfriends like princesses. All in all he is a gentlemen. Side note * He just announced he will be having a solo album. I cant wait he had the second best voice in the group. Sorry babe you and I know Zayn got that voice* 

Zayn- The One That Got Away

Zayn was the best voice in One Direction no doubt , he is so good that there is remix of You & I on sound cloud of him just singing his part its so good it will give you goose bumbs.  When before my obsession I didn’t know the members names, but i loved asking who is your favorite. most people my age always said Zayn and I would  sad “which one is that” and they would say the “sexy brown one”.  For years I didn’t believe them until recently I was listening to his song called wRoNg FT. Kehlani on google play and this picture was the cover

Immediately gasped and clutched my invisible pearls and whispered to myself ZAMN  ZADDY ZAYN!!!!. I was converted to Zaynism . I think  Zayn is the type of guy Who will say shit like.”we need to take a break , I feel like I need to focus on my music career ” and then 5 months later he is engaged to a new chick. Which will fill you with bitterness till the end of time, because you know in your now cold dead heart he was the one.

Louis -The Other One

The one with baby mama drama. As you can tell I don’t care for him.  i am sure he is nice lad, but he is just not my cup of British tea.


Fuck ,Harry and Zayn

Marry, Liam he can be my first husband then , Niall can be my second Husband

Kill ,the other one

According to my phone these are my favorite songs in order of most listened to.

If I Could Fly

Through the Dark


Little White Lies

Ready To Run

You And I

Better Than Words

Drag Me Down


No Control

Story of my Life



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