My experience with bcfcasting

I have been an extra two times, once in a movie and recently on a TV show. My experience is not vast but its enough for me to form an opinion about it.Whenever I tell people I have been an extra for film. They get excited but I always assure them it’s nowhere near as exciting as it might seem. Do not get me wrong it is an interesting experience but it’s nothing mind-blowing; Then again little really impresses me.  First of all, it’s nothing glamorous. You will not get discovered as the new Star and NO! you won’t be hanging out with celebrities. This is an actual working place, it might not seem like it because of all the lights and cameras but you have to be professional and follow rules. Like having your phone off or having a sticker on your phone camera during production.

How did I find out about being an extra ? I found out about being an extra on Craigslist in 2013 when I was unemployed. The website seemed really sketchy because there was nothing on the website other than the little signing up box. I signed up anyways because I was poor. When you sign up they will ask for pictures of what you currently look like. In my experience you don’t need professional pictures. I think even a good selfiE will be ok. Also you don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous for this. Dont worry about other people seeing your pictures because the only people who will see your pictures are the Cast Directors. You do have to be a BC resident and have proof than you are a resident.

Depending on the production budget or if a film want a really specific look they will provide costumes for you. When I was an extra for the movie I was provided with an outfit, and to be honest that was  fun .It was kinda like playing dress up. The TV show had a lower budget they just told come wearing casual dressy clothes.

How do they contact you ?

They will only contact you if something you fit in comes along , so it could take months before you to get contacted. They used to contact people by phone but now they just send emails and if you can do it you reply, if you cant you dont.

Does its pay ?

From the gigs I have done I have gotten paid. I am not sure if all gigs pay. The ones that pay are minimum wage per hour and after a certain time they will pay you time and half .

Do I recommend it ?

Yes ,honestly if you got nothing going in your life sign up. Also if your goal is to be in movies and you just want to see how things work. DO IT!!


Free food!!!!

Easy money

You could meet a friend

You get to be on TV


Really Boring

Really long. Bring a phone charger

You could be a loner for a long time

Sometimes locations they are filming at are out of the way.


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