My First Crush

I remember when I was in grade 1 I had a crush on a boy in my class. My first ever crush.


He had dirty blonde hair (I think) and it was fashioned into the oh-so-popular mushroom cut (it was 1996). I also had a mushroom cut. Kail used to live next door to my dad, and I definitely remember having a classic over-the-fence conversation.

Imagine that: two mushroom haired tikes, 6 years of age, having a conversation over a fence pretending to be little adults. The fence was short enough that we didn’t have to climb on the fence to see each other to have a conversation. What do kids in gr.1 even talk about? That part I don’t remember.

What I do remember is that we got along. He was nice, for a boy (EW COOTIES). We hadn’t quite hit the age where boys were chasing girls around trying to pull their hair on the playground. I also remember my crush on him being short lived for 2 reasons:

  1. This all took place almost 20 years ago and what I do remember of grade 1 is very minimal.
  2. Kail moved away after the school year (or maybe even halfway through).  I remember him leaving though, and I remember being sad, but I’m guessing it was temporary sadness. As a first grader I probably didn’t focus that long on one particular thing let alone someone leaving. Outta sight, outta mind am I right!?

Not too long ago, some time very recently, Kail popped into my head. Having remembered his last name I pulled out the trusty laptop and headed straight to Facebook (classic). LO AND BEHOLD THERE HE WAS!! My first love (jk) alive and well and living in Alberta. A country boy (swoon) be still my small town heart. Now before y’all jump to conclusion: no I didn’t add him on Facebook, no I didn’t message him. That would be weird. Like “Hey remember me from 20 years ago?”

We are still perfect strangers. Older, better looking, mushroom cut-less strangers, and that’s how it will stay!

But Facebook, what a beautiful thing.

Xo Tiana

Note: I had a crush on Aaron Carter at the time too who was also a blonde haired boy with a mushroom cut. Coincidence?

Aaron Carter circa 1997

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