#MCM: Firemen

I think my appreciation for firemen started when I was about 11 or 12. Me and my best friend used to do this thing called a “Stuff Sale” because we were selling more than just lemonade, we were selling stuff; Juice, snacks, old toys! We were entrepreneurs!

One time we were doing the Stuff Sale (we did it all of twice) and a firetruck pulled up outside the front of the house and we were both like “is this real life?” IT WAS. So a fireman gets out and he comes over to the table of things and he buys juice and chips, and he was so nice and I loved every minute of it.  Thinking back, I’m pretty sure the chips were stale… oops.

Moving to Vancouver I lived next to a fire hall which, as loud as it was, definitely had it’s perks! The firemen, while visually appealing, where SO NICE ALL THE TIME. walking passed they would say a quick hello, or when backing in the truck they would make jokes about not wanting to hit a civilian cause “the paper work would be extensive”. All I could think was how ok I’d be with getting hit by that firetruck.

Nowadays, not living next to the firehall or trying to sell treats to firemen, I appreciate them in a different way. A 12-month calendar to be exact. God Bless the Calgary Firefigters Burn Treatment Society for these beautiful Calendars:

2014 was a good year
2015: I had this one 🙂
2016: I need.

God bless every city that turns these beautiful, hard working men into every woman’s wet dream…

…see what I did there.

To purchase these beautiful men and their abs/fire axes simply go to the Calgary Firefigters Burn Treatment Society website. You’re welcome. The money goes to a good cause, ALSO you can purchase previous years… I know what I want for Christmas.

Happy Monday!

Xo Tiana


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