Vancouver: Our Beautiful Temperate Rain Forest

I’ve always loved the rain, probably because where I’m from it snows for what feels like half the year. Any time it rained you could find me running around outside (most likely without shoes on) until my mom told me to get inside.

The Vancouver rain is definitely different from the rain I grew up with. When it rained, it rained.  This summers flooding can attest to that.

Now since moving here I’ve definitely experienced the rain differently, whether it be a light misty day or weeks of torrential downpour. What some people may forget, or not even know (I fall under this category), is that Vancouver is part of a temperate rain forest. And if you know anything about a rain forest, its that it rains. A lot.

coastal temperate rainforests map
The Coastal Temperate rain forest of North America.

According to Parks Canada, since Vancouver is part of a temperate rain forest, we will get lots and lots of rain. By definition a temperate rain forest is a “temperate zone that receives heavy rainfall“. Which probably doesn’t sit easy with many Vancouverites, but think about it: without our current climate we probably wouldn’t have the great scenery that we have now. The mountains that are our backdrop probably wouldn’t be the great view that we know and love. The many different places to hike: Grouse, Capillano, Deep Cove, ect. probably wouldn’t be as beautiful as they are. The beautiful, lush foliage that spreads across the city wouldn’t be as breathtaking without the rain. Vancouver wouldn’t be Vancouver without the rain. It wouldn’t be as beautiful. Does anyone like the yellow, dried up look that happens when it doesn’t rain for a long time?

We have the privilege of living in a beautiful place. I love the green! So I’ll take the rain, especially if it gives us something beautiful in return.

xo Tiana

For more information on our beautiful temperate rain forest visit Science World! (or google).


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