Yes, Kaya’s Been M.I.A

So it’s apparent that the two T’s have been on their blogging game, while I’ve slunk deep down into the shadows. (Which obviously isn’t fair to the other two scoops).

But here I am trying to make a come-back.

I’ve been trying to balance two blogs, work, school, and life, and have done a remarkably poor job on most of the above, so now I’m re-evaluating and re-committing.

Sometimes it takes baby steps to get back into things, so for now I commit to you hearing my “Three Scoops Blogginng voice” at least once a week.

I’ve also been finding it hard that when I come up with a good idea to write about, which blog to put it on… Then, I just end up doing neither.  So here’s to shedding my hesitation and just rolling with it, and to bringing Three Scoops the glory it deserves!!


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