My Many Obsessions


So for years my boyfriend has been telling me that I have obsessive tendencies, and for years I’ve waved him off saying that I just like a lot of things… and when I really like something, I just really like it. That’s not obsessive… right?

Well, I thought not until recently, when I got into photography. And when I say got into photography, I mean staying up until 3am reading photography blogs, buying an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, researching the best camera lenses, and filling up my Etsy shopping cart with cute camera bags. I also enlisted my friends to be models so I could get my practice on.

This had me realizing that I really do go all in with things until I am a certified expert in something so I thought I would share some of the many obsessions I’ve held.. in somewhat of an order.

1. Sailor Moon.

I found every single episode of the Japanese Sailor Moon series and watched them subbed. First intro into anime, and still obsessed. (Also watched Sailor Moon Crystal as they were released.. but sadly fell behind..) But seriously, there is so much beauty and heart break and hilarity in Sailor Moon, you gotta get on it. And the Japanese version is much more adult than the US subbed version most people grew up with. I  mean first Cartoon crush anyone?


2. Writing.

This has been such an obsession since I was younger, I have so may books and how-to’s, and journals that my book case is overflowing with them.. Started off with little screen plays, little stories, etc. I even made my own dictionary for a language I made up.

3. Books.

Speaking of my book cases.. I have two, and they are all mine, and they are stuffed. The boyfriend gets his own shelf, only because I was feeling generous when we moved in. I still have a book case full back at my parents house, and a good amount of books I’ve lent out and never got back.. I was so obsessed with my books that I even used to have a library system back in the day. Friends had to “Check out” my books, and sign off on the due dates and everything. I even once drew up contracts for some of my favourite books that listed things like : “Must not eat over them”, “Must not read in the bath”, etc.  I also had extensive charts about the pros and cons about all the ficitonal men I was in love with. This shit was serious.


4. Harry Potter.

This one obviously needed its own point, because this obsession transgresses just liking books in general. I love EVERYTHING Harry Potter. Back in the day, when the internet was still young, I was a frequent to mugglenet, and the hp-lexicon, both of which I just discovered STILL EXIST. Who would have even been able to fathom that there would be something as beautiful as Pottermore back then?

As I got older, I discovered A Very Potter Musical, and I still know the words to every single song.  And if you didn’t know, this is where Darren Criss really got his start.

5. Team StarKid

I feel like I need to add StarKids, and this isn’t an excuse to talk about Harry Potter some more. I loved AVPM SO MUCH, that I downloaded all their songs, and went to see Team StarKid in concert when they came to town. I mean look at this, look at the production quality increase! This is amaizng shit. Skip to 8 minutes in to hear my absolute favourite song from Holy Musical B@man! Watch to the end of the song!!


6. Stationary + Stickers.

This probably ties into my love for writing, but I LOVE letter writing. AND I LOVE BUYING STATIONARY. I have a box full of stationary and stickers, and I can’t help but stop and peruse the stationary section of a store, regardless of how mundane it is. When I was in New York, I would make trips across the city just to find new Stationary. It was a huge deal. The amount of letters I actually write now that I live in Vancouver again is nil.. yet I still find myself loving stationary stores.

7. Greek Mythology.

Don’t know where this one came from, maybe school, maybe a love for the fantastic. But I went through a huge stage where I would stay up and research Greek Mythology.. only to really discover this:


I think there’s like a million more, but that’s as far as my brain can span right now..

Here’s to many more obsessions throughout my lifetime.



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