The 2016 Rio Olympics Thirst Trappers

Honorable Hotties

Christophe Lemaitre 26 ,French, Sprinter. Can I say ?Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?Voulez vous coucher avec moi?  I am in love 😍😍😍. I am so smitten. Y’all invited to France for our Fall wedding and next year Spring for our baby shower. Then again next Spring for our second baby                                          OUI OUI ?Screenshot_20160819-230711-2

Arthur Mariano 22, Brazilian ,Gymnast          Ay dios mios papi!!

Marcel Nguyen 28. German ,Gymnast                                          Ja!!!

Ning Zetao 23 ,Chinese ,Swimmer                                         Xie Xie !!

Adam Gemili 22 ,Great Britain, Sprinter                         Yalla Habibi!!!Gemili looked crushed after realising he had missed out

Adam Peaty 21 ,Great Britain, Swimmer                           Bloody He!!_89758443_peaty_pa

Fine Ladies

Natasha Hastings 23 United State, Sprinter                                 👌👌👌RIOEC8D14ZBKT_768x432

Brianna Rollins 25 United State, Hurdler                                        👌👌👌

Pedrya Seymour 21 Bahamian, Hurdler                                            👌👌👌

Kimberly Hyacinthe 27 Canadian, Sprinter                                    👌👌👌 


Carline Muir 28 Canadian, Sprinter                                                 👌👌👌

Katarina Johnson-Thompson 23 Great Britain, Heptathlon      👌👌👌

Tiffany Porter 28 Great Britain, Hurdler                                          👌👌👌1406929380844_wps_1_England_s_Tiffany_Porter_

Also can someone send me to Tokyo to cheer for Canadian athletes like they send Leslie Jones to cheer for US Rio 2016 I should start a gofundme so I can make this happen #tokyo2020

*I pray this happens to me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏*


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