Blast From the Past: Previous (Mostly Shitty) Jobs

In celebration of my new job (that I start today, YAY) let’s relive some of my previous jobs. Which, you guessed it (cause it’s in the title), were pretty shitty!

Looking back I had a fewwww jobs because, like a black widow spider, once I saved up I would move on. Not that black widow spiders have jobs, unless it’s killing their mate… ANYWAY (google some black widow spiders if you are unfamiliar with how they kill their man spiders after they mate with them.) LETS BEGIN!

1) I probably started off babysitting. Also terrifying that people trusted my 13-16 year old self with their small children.

2) Newspaper stuffing!! Yep in two separate jobs… You literally sat there and you put inserts into the newspaper. At the other location you stood at a conveyor belt with a dozen other tweens and you had to be quick and make sure you got your Walmart flyer into every newspaper that went by. Every person had their own insert to put in. This job actually made me sick once and I threw up on the floor AND SOMEBODY ELSE HAD TO CLEAN IT UP LOL! That’s actually the most embarrassing thing to happen ever and I wasn’t even embarrassed for some reason… I could have died but I didn’t.

3) Shortly after I quit the newspaper gigs (cause I had saved up enough money to go to Disneyland) I worked at The Dollar Store!! All I remember doing was pricing stuff… I think I stayed there for a few weeks, got my paycheck and never went back.

4) WALMART BABY!! This job I had for almost 3 years. I spent my days in the shoe department, and occasionally over in clothes when someone wasn’t watching the fitting rooms, and I didn’t have to be cash trained (thank God)!! I got to dick around for 2.5 years until I finished a Business Administration Program.

5) Reception. So I got this awesome job as a receptionist at the Child Development Centre where I got to meet some awesome kids doing summer programs, and some hilarious elderly folks who came for their weekly swim! This job didn’t suck at all, I really enjoyed it and only left it cause I had to move away for school (FOR EARLY LEARNING AND CHILD CARE OF ALL THINGS.)

(obligatory and unrelated Jim & Pam gif)

6) Child Care! This job also didn’t suck, plus I got to work at the Child Development Centre again! I got to meet/teach SO many cool kiddos! It’s something I really love to do. It’s good money, and you form great relationships with the kids cause there’s a good chance that you spend more time with the kids than their parents do in a week.

7) Oh this one is a doozy. My first job when I moved to Vancouver was at this eye wear store called Eyes Inspire in Pacific Centre Mall. I think they have a new location, and hopefully new staff. ANYWAY I only worked there 2 weeks, made enough money for one months rent and got the FUCK OUT. I don’t wanna talk too much shit about them cause things might be better now, but some shady shit went on there from management.

What made me quit was one day a customer came in for her eye exam and the lady doing it was just chatting away to another associate about non-work related stuff and I was like “Your customer is here” and she was like “Ok, just tell her to wait a minuet”. So I did. 10-15 mins go by. There is only ONE customer in the store and she’s still waiting for her eye exam while Chatty Cathy (not her real name) finishes her non-work related gossip. So I go back in and I’m like “hey, your customer is still waiting.” and the look this lady gave me! I TELL YA! She was like “I know! She will just have to wait!” BITCH PLEASE YOU CANNOT TALK TO AN ASSOCIATE LIKE THAT, LET ALONE A NEW ONE. So I walked away trying not to cry cause when a superior is a total douche to me it usually makes me want to cry. That’s the day I knew I wanted to quit. Such disrespect only two weeks in. NO THANKS.

Thank God I got a job at Victoria’s Secret so I quit the eye place that day.

8) Victoria’s Secret. This place really shaped me and my work ethic. I was on the visual team, I worked really hard there, and I loved what I did. I spent almost 3 years there. My coworkers are what kept me there so long even after things started to get bad. New upper management changes really threw the tight knit family off kilter. Things changed, people left, and after much debate I became one of those people. I hear things are getting better in the store now, and I’m so happy for the associates who stuck it out. If it wasn’t for that place and the visual team I got to work with, I don’t think I would be on the path that I am on.


Xo Tiana


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