How to fake having a style with bomb ass accessories.

These accessories will turn you into Baddie that looks like she has lots of money . and make people turn their heads asking “who dat bad bitch, I want to be her”.

Black hat, Body chain, multiply rings, layering necklace, choker, black bag, necklace, black sunglasses, simple watch, earrings.

All black:
I have 2 of these hats . A black one I bought from Urban Outfitters for $50,that when I was feeling rich. Then a navy blue one I bought from Forever 21 for $20. I wear the forever 21 more than the OU one. Also if you pair the hat with a strong lip color people will definitely look. Trust me hoes will be turning heads.
Black Fashion Retro Sunglasses Eyewear - Vintage Round Aviator Handmade Mens Womens Sunglasses Goggles:
If you are afraid to pick sunglasses that work for your face shape but you really need sunglasses grab a pair of black sunglasses and pair it with the hat above. I got mine at  Plenty on Robson they have them for $20 or Even Forever 21 for dirt cheap ones $6. PS I am really good at picking sunglasses for people so hit me up if want a second opinion.
Gold Plated Body Chain, Handcrafted Body Jewelery, Adjustable, Waist Chain, Belly Chain, Dainty Body Chain:
I remember in the early 20s when body chains where only acceptable in music videos. I am glad Beyonce is not the only one who can wear them now. I got my first body chain early last year from Aldo it was only $12. I get so many compliments on this its really basic with leaf in the center. Also you don’t have to wear it under clothes or just at the beach. You can wear it on top of you clothes. Pair gold body chains with black clothing or a dark colors because it look amazing together.
Mansur Gavriel's Bucket bliss:
A black bag is must for everyone, it doesn’t have to be bucket bag. Just a nice clean black bag will do. A black bag goes with any outfit. You can find bags like this anywhere At The Stowe, Oak and Fort or Ariztia if you got that money. H&M and Forever 21 if you are on a budget like me.
The Best Undiscovered Jewelry Brands to Know Now via @WhoWhatWear:
Layering your necklaces will definitely make you look like you know what you are doing. I got mine that had all the necklaces on one clasp on all 3  form * bitch you guessed it* Forever 21. Other places I have seen these  layered necklaces are Aldo and Little Burgundy.
I got pack of 8  at Call It Spring for only $10. They haven’t discolor yet and I have had them for almost a year. There is no particular way you should wear them. My rule is just put them where they fit.
Jewelry game on point.  #accessories #ootd : @cphraph (link in bio to shop):
I was 100% against chokers, I still don’t really like the plastic ones from the 90s. The ones I recommend are the more fashionable type. The ones that look like a shoelace, the thick velvet ones or the gold layering ones Pair chokers  with your black hat and black sunglasses.
Minimal + Classic: DW watch.:
I am not a watch person , I hate things on my wrist. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one, but I really appreciate it. I don’t like MK watches though I think they are very tacky. i recommend Kate Spade or Fossil  or Olivia Burton has really nice simple watches
Pineapple Stud Earrings:
Stud earrings are the classic look completer. Main and 8th has really cute, fun cheap earrings for $7

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