Vancouver Living

You ever have those days where your uterus betrays you with cramps and nausea? Well that’s me today, so needless to say today’s post is going to be on the short side.

I was reading an article from Daily Hive about the affordability of living in Vancouver. This article was an opinion piece from Jess Fleming, a staff writer at Daily Hive, called Opinion: Why I chose to move to Vancouver.

In the article, Jess compares living in Vancouver to other major cities that she has lived in prior to Vancouver; those cities being Sydney, London, and New York. Her consensus seems to be that all these cities vary in cost on the more pricey side, but Vancouver was on the cheaper side, and Brooklyn being more expensive.

She sums it all up by saying:

 Yes, Vancouver is an expensive city to live in, but what top-tier, world class city isn’t?
-Jess Fleming, Daily Hive writer

And I don’t disagree with her, after all, living in Vancouver is a choice. It has all the opportunities I want with the bustling film industry, my friends are here, and I’ve created a new life here. Plus I’m not too far away from my hometown and my loved ones who still live there.

I know Vancouver isn’t cheap, and I don’t live beyond my means. Vancouver isn’t pulling any punches, I’m well aware that you actually have to work hard for what you want. I feel like some people think that Vancouver owes them sometime because they chose to live here? Dudes, come on.

You have to search hard for the right opportunities, you have to work hard to get the job you want, you have search and search and probably wait to get that apartment in that specific area of the city.

Vancouver owes us nothing. Just like any other city, you have to work for what you want, you have to earn the lifestyle you want, and wouldn’t it feel better if you earned it?

Just food for though! Happy Hump-day!

Xo Tiana


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