How to get away with murder: season 2 goodness

Warning : Spoiler alerts nothing major tho, So keep reading.

This is not a drill, CANCEL your long weekend plans. If you work on the weekends get your shift cover or pull a Karen Smith from the movie Mean girls *cough ,cought, I am sick *  and just call in sick.You will need two solid days at home because once you start you wont be able to leave your home. If you thought season one was amazing just wait for season  two. So many Flashback of Annalise past ,They jump all over the place all the way back to africa, I am exaggarating becasue it thats good. The creators really outdid themselves I myself made the mistake of starting the series in the evening. I was up  till 4 am, woke up around 9 30 am and continued till 2 pm. Shonda Rhimes owes me a night of rest. I am not too upset because so many questions were answered like;

Who killed Rebecca ? 

Why would Frank kill Lila for Sam,What did he owe Sam? Question that no one has answered yet: Why did AL hire Frank?. Has he killed before? because he seemed so comfortable killing. Also how many people has he killed ? I have so many questions about him.

Did AL know that Frank killed for Lila for SAM?

Why does Annalise care so much about Wes ? I myself have always felt  the sexual tension between AL And Wes. (What?just me ?). I think I might be the only one because Tiana says “ I don’t see it as sexual tension so much as I see it as a weird mother son issue thing… With underlying sexual tension” 

Things I Enjoyed In Season 2.

#1 . Viola fucking Davis as Annalise Keating  aka Boss Ass Bitch , is always a pleasure. She can do not wrong from her

#2 . Annalise Keating glowing skin

#3 . Annalise Keating wig

#4 . Annalise Keating Robes

#5 . Framke Janssen as Eve Rothlow. Eve is Annalise’s college lover. Eve genuinely loves AL they have some steamy scenes together but for AL its just sex. Even thought I didn’t enjoy AL toying with Eves feelings, I still ship it. I hope Eve is back in season 3 and is in more episodes and there is love triangle between her,AL and Nate.


#6 . Nate pretty much spend the majority of season two angry as AF at AnnaLIES , Oh did I say Annalies its probably because that all Annalise does. I do not blame Nate , I mean I would be pissed AF. If my side piece got me fired and framed me for killing their main ; send me to jail whilst I am in jail gets me beat up. NO NO  honey I would come for you and your future and your ancestors, if that happen to me. Nate is a better person than I am, because his anger doesn’t last all season. He came back crawling to AL. (Yeah, I know what?) AL’s punani must be bomb because he forgives her so fast after seeing her. Furthermore, Nate’s body tho!!!, Lord have messy. He is god among us peasants. I cant look at his body with out smiling. One thing I do hate is the fact that Nate is the only person that AL’s gets nervous around.


#7 . Alfred Lewis Enoch as Wes Gibbins. Wes is at an all time low. He has no one to love him, dead mom and dead girlfriend he is mad at Annalise. So that depression is hitting him real hard. He doesn’t do any hard drugs or drink alot. He has  just has a Beard of Sorrow and I am love it  #canhandleallthissexyness. His beard not his depressions, I really just want him to find a nice black girlfriend. #ivolunteerastribute. #ilovehim.               Levels of sexiness you can expect below. He looks like #daddy.

#8 . Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom’s. Bonnie is a little of a flat character for my liking. This season we learned a more about her history but that didn’t make me like her anymore. If it was not for her cute wardrobe I don’t think I would care for her at all . I love her clothes Ann Taylor wardrobe. I also lover her red and choral lipsticks they look amazing on her pale complexion.

#9 . Micheala’s love life has been disaster like a serious fucking roller coaster. If you thought she had back luck season one when she found out her fiance was gay. Wait for season two, all the guys she dates are great in the being and turn out to be losers. Asher and Bonnie have their own problem. Michaela and Asher hock up once when they are drunk then again . Asher is complete goofball but he is exactly what Michaela needs, she is too uptight. I am definitely shipping it them Michealer or Asheler?

Things That Annoyed Me 

#10 . Keating Kids / killers are super annoying in this season. The Kids were so ungrateful towards AL. When all of them should have been at AL’s feet. What have we learned in season 2, All in all we learn Annalise is a good person and she is just trying to protect everyone people.

After you finish season 2 you will really appreciate this meme

*Cant wait to binge season 3 next summer  *







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