Unnecessary Clutter

Happy September, Y’all!

In a month I move to a new house (yay!) and I’ve have begun the woes of packing. I actually started packing last month, but that’s because I really want to be ready to go on moving day. None of this last minuet packing, or packing while moving business… Which is what happened last time.

That being said, I’ve realized I have a lot of junk. I have the potential to be a Class A hoarder, but my saving grace is that I hate having a messy room. I’m of the philosophy that when my room is clean, then my life is easier to navigate.

Also I have like 3 junk drawers… OUTTA SIGHT OUTTA MIND, AM I RIGHT?!

I’ve begun to go through my things and get rid of stuff I don’t need, but there are things I can’t get rid of. I don’t need to keep those printouts of a project I did when I was in school 3-years ago, but will I throw it away? Probably not. SO I have to be more decisive… *turns into a 4 year old* but it’s too harrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!

Check out this stack of magazines that I haven’t read in YEARS:


The oldest one is from November 2010, and the newest one if from June 2014! I probably haven’t read it since 2014 either. I went through this stack of magazines that I clearly don’t need, but I couldn’t get rid of them! There are a few special edition ones that I will keep for years, but these People Magazines I def don’t need to keep…

When it comes to clothing, I’m pretty good at getting rid of things I don’t wear. It’s the clutter, the paper, the junk that I can’t let go of! Those loose papers that really mean nothing, or have scribbles of ideas that I may want some year… Sigh, spending my long weekend going through the things.

My process is pretty straight forward, I have 3 piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Throw away
  3. Recycle/give away

And the first things I need to tackle are these pesky junk drawers. It’s a one day project if I actually dedicate my day to do it, but I’ll probably be done in about 2 weeks.

Anyway have a happy and safe Labour Day (or Labor Day if you are in the US)!! Also If you have any packing/moving tips, I would love to hear them!


Xo Tiana


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