T Squared at the Aritzia warehouse sale

So I really wasn’t going to go the Aritzia Warehouse Sale this year. One I was sure I will be working and two I have no money just paid that rent and bills. I was going to stay as far away as possible from Canada Place. The power of advertisement got the best of me, Seeing everyone with their shopping bags got me jealous. By the luck of the fashion Gods I got the day off. Tiana wanted to do some shopping for her an outfit to wear at her dad’s wedding. Today was the last day for the sale so I was like lets just check it out. I had really low exceptions. I was expecting it to be very picked over, but there had so much stuff still and it wasn’t busy at all. No line up at all we pretty much breezed in. Tiana and I meet at Waterfront station we both got ourselves some Starbucks because it was cold as titties out side. We had to chag our hot drinks because no food or drinks allowed in the warehouse. As soon as we walked in I was like “I don’t need a shopping bag they wont have anything i just need a sweater ” . I don’t need a sweater turned into an arm full of burgundy clothes and basic tank tops. I was very enthused and suprised  to see all the basics tops on sales  this never happens. Aritzia basics are my favor. I got REALLY excited I picked every color in the Wilfred free Tank top. Tiana gave up on me and kept going. We walked in every alley,we tried the jean and accessories tables but these tables were too messy. We finally got a corner to try on all our things. Well I was trying on things Tiana had one thing. Picking up what to buy is the hardest thing to do because if you snooze you lose.

I ended up buying  5 items for $125 which is amazing for Artizia.

Golden by TnA  grey dress $30 I am really excited for the dress its super sexy

Wilfred  white tank top $15

Wilfred Free rusty tank top $10

Talula floral pants $20

Babatoon sweater $50

And all these out fits




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