What Day is it?

It’s basically Monday (thanks to Labour Day) but tonight at midnight, it will magically become Wednesday which will both thrill and confuse me. I love short work weeks though, every Monday should be Labour Day! Also I hate that it’s trying to correct Labour to Labor, like come on it’s a real holiday it should be correct!


See it’s even on a calendar! Also yes, I have to write down the days I’m planning on blogging cause I need the reminders. Which reminds me that today is actually Tuesday… I was suppose to blog yesterday but I didn’t… I went from knowing it was Tuesday, to thinking it was Monday, to being reminded it was Tuesday, and then back to Monday in the span of an hour. Oh I’m a mess. BUT THAT’S OK, cause todays post is just random! I have a few up coming ones that I’ve actually put time and effort into 🙂 So starting on Friday this week look for (drum roll):

  • Friendship Crush Friday (Friday, Obviously)
  • My Dad’s Wedding (Next Monday)
  • My Friend/My Stylist (Next Wednesday)
  • Saying Farewell: When You Have to say Good-bye to Friends from Other Countries (Next Friday)

Alright, resume your Monday-Tuesday!

Xo Tiana


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