closet tours and my inprogress closet

My new and in progress closet/sewing room. I am still looking for art for the walls , a upholstered benchor a Storage Ottoman  and a vanity mirrroe set .

Art I want. umm Tiana I am waiting

<3<3 Love your work! Thanks for taking one of my favorite pictures of myself ever, in FIT Library.:    Few lines can tell you a whole story:  Character Speech - How to Make Characters Real: fashion illustration by Kornelia Debosz: Folio illustration agency, London, UK | Jason Brooks - Fashion ∙ Glamour ∙ Architecture ∙ Lifestyle ∙ Vector - Illustrator: ~<3 ~*  ... Kelly Smith is a fashion illustrator, specializing in portraiture and beauty.:

  Vanity I want.

My Vanity and Makeup Favorites... - A Spoonful of Style:

Ottoman I want

Home Tour: Cheetah leopard rug, Isabelle Upholstered Bedroom Bench, pom pom throw blanket, gold striped bow pillow - double click the photo above for details on everything //

 My room so far

Most of the room so far
Pieces mostly from Ikea
$20 from costco have had this for 5 years. I would say money well spend.


$30 from HomeSense. Thats a lot 14 mac lipsticks, 12 liquid lipsticks . Thats alot of money.

laundry corner
Ikea bought
Jacket and accessory rack
There is 2 spots that I need to fill.
The amount of black clothes I own is decreasing
Nick has enough plaid for 2 weeks , obsessed much?
Is 10 different white dress shirts a little excessive ?
How many black pants and leggings does one person need?
My little sewing corner.
My little sewing kit ,with color coded thread.

These are closets are aspire to have

Song Of Style aka Aimee Song lives the life I wish to lived!!!. and her closet is the truth.

J Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons closet, there isnt a video for it but there is pictures. its to die for.

Yuna’s Closet


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