Friendship Crush Friday: Kaya

Before Kaya and I were friends, she was my supervisor (Tilda, Kaya, and I all met when we were working at the same place). I always thought Kaya was the coolest (she still is), and I had an immediate friendship crush on her, I wanted to be her friend so bad!
Kaya was the first out of the three of us to leave to work elsewhere (across the street it would turn out). Whenever someone would mention Kaya, whether it was cause they would see her wave as she would walk passed the store, or just a casual mention, I would always go “Kaaaayyyaaaa” because again, I wanted to be her friend so bad!

One time someone mentioned that Kaya was walking passed the store and I RAN across the whole store just so I could see her and wave at her. Friendship crush. If you are familiar with the Victoria’s Secret on Robson street in Vancouver, then you know how far I ran.

After she left was when we became friends, I think we ended up going to the beach one day with Tilda and the rest is history. I found out that we have similar interest in the areas of cats (the felines, not the Broadway musical), and Harry Potter; however, her Harry Potter obsession surpasses mine by light-years. We are both introverts, and like to write. SHE GETS IT!

The reason for the reminiscing is this picture that Kaya did with Tilda for Tilda’s kimono line:

LOOK!! Kaya is so genuine and it shows in her smile (and she is often smiling). Every time ii look at this picture it makes me smile 🙂

Kaya you are so beautiful, I love that you let your light shine, and I’m glad to have you in my life. Friendship crush!

To check out Tilda’s kimonos, and you should, go to @tildakimono on Instagram! Her website is still in the works, but watch out for that as well 🙂

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Now I’m off to catch a plane and attend a wedding!

Xo Tiana


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