Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – SOLD OUT

Okay. I tried to tell myself I wouldn’t do too many Harry Potter related posts, but this is a crisis. This is CHAOS.

I leave for London in 20 days. So obviously, from the moment I knew I would be going overseas, I looked up everything I could possibly find that was related to Harry Potter.

The first thing I looked up was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Having finished reading the screenplay in three hours, I was so desperate to snatch tickets that I pulled up the website right away (www.harrypottertheplay.com).

But then… as I typed in my dates a horrible realization came upon me…

And then, when the page finally loaded, I just saw red everywhere. It was like a bloodbath of emotional torment! RED. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. Over and over and over again…


I couldn’t believe it… but I guess at the same time, I could. I mean it’s HP. Live. Before your eyes. I mean, I get emotionally worked up just thinking about it.

Our of curiosity, I started checking further dates… and further.. and further… the red never ended. I made it all the way until December 2017, without seeing even a single green square available. I MEAN REALLY? I am meant to be at that show. This is so wrong  can’t even begin to describe it!

I am still holding out hope though, because this was on their site:

Every Friday at 1pm we release 40 tickets for every performance the following week, for some of the very best seats in the theatre, at an amazingly low price. These tickets are known as ‘The Friday Forty’.

Being in London for 2 weeks, I will have two shots at this. Please, oh please, wish me luck.

Either that, or I’m hoping someone out there has an extra ticket, and pities me enough to share the love…

Any takers… anyone???!



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