How to fake having style with bomb ass fashion essentials

These are my top personal must have wardrobe essentials . Really everyone should have at least 5 of these things.

#1.Black Leather Jacket, #2.Cami ,#3.White Tee/Neck, #4.White Dress Shirt, #5 Sweater, #6. Chambray shirt #7.Ripped black jeans,#8. Blue jeans, #9.Chambray shirt, #10.Booties, #11.Black bag  #12.Black leggings and.

#13 Bonus Kimono

It's true. Along with doc martens and ray bans:
Well fitted leather jacket will change your life .Leather jacket go with any outfit . i kind you not. You can get a leather jacket from forever 21 as cheap as $20 or if you are rich you can get them at Aritzia for $400. or for a middle price of $70 
Zara basics -- want this in white!:
Camis are a must you need to find one that fits well not too tight on the chest. The colors I recommend are black and white you , they can be dressed down with just jeans , or dressed up  with a skirt. 
The perfect white t-shirt--Find one you love and buy lots and lots of them. (chicfoo):
Baggy white tee or vneck  are really good for everyday looks. Pairs well with  blue jeans and a Y necklace . I have so many white tees, its a problem. American eagle has really soft one but they are price they do go on sale . HM has t shirts all year round for $12. They aren’t the best quality but they work 
Image 1 of J.D.Y White Shirt
White dress shirts are very essential  good for a job interview pairs well with all bottoms. Accessories with choker or layered necklaces .
Mystery Sweaters - Over-sized Mystery Sweaters: All Hipster Colors - A | Dirty South Vintage.Com:
Crew Neck sweaters are the perfect layering piece. You can wear your Dress Shirt underneath with the collar sticking out. Accessories with a statement Necklaces. Be careful which accessories you wear because they will pull the knits. Loft , J crew has cute sweaters . My favorite sweater if from American Eagle got it on sale for 16 it doesn’t pull and its really good quality.
MINIMAL + CLASSIC: chambray shirts:
Chambray shirts aka denim shirts are also good for dressing up and down. you could even do denim on denim with statement necklace 
Image 3 of Liquor & Poker Petite Skinny Jeans With Extreme Distressing Ripped Knees
I am obsessed with black bofriend  ripped jeans they look amazing with any top. When i wear these are feel badass and fashionable. you can get black ripped jeans form anywhere . my favorite pair is from Garage. got it om sale . 
Image 1 of Replay Super Skinny Mid Rise Jeans
Blue jeans skinny jeans , dark or light wash it doesn’t matter . The tighter the jeans the better show off that booty. Blues jeans go with lots of tops. They are a must 
These Double Buckled Ankle Booties are perfect for everyday and goes with everything.:
Black booties are a must especially if you are like me and hate rain boots. The booties don’t have to be high heels flats are cute too. Steve maddens has tons of booties and they are fairly comfortable .
Mansur Gavriel's Bucket bliss:
A black bag is must for everyone, it doesn’t have to be bucket bag. Just a nice clean black bag will do. It goes with any outfit. You can find bags like this anywhere. Ariztia if you got that money , H&M and Forever 21 if you are on a budget.
Lululemon Breathe Easy Pant:
A good legging that stays up is must. Get a legging with think elastic band or drawstring. They stay up better. I hate that I am even recommend these but Lululemon has some really good leggings I have 2 pairs with the mesh panel cute but thanks god they were a gift. Lulu leggings are very expensive it will cost you 2 months of your phone bill just for one pair . Go to Garage they have good ones for $20 and they aren’t see throw.


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