Too Many Impractical Shoes…

When I realized I would be going to London, the second thing I thought about (the first of course being how could I go see the Harry Potter Play), was what on earth was I going to wear?

You may also know by now that I live for Summer, so as comfy and cozy as Fall clothing is, I don’t own much.

Obviously, I knew that my go-to person for this dilemma was the style-guru herself: Tilda.

So after reaching out to her, and planning a shopping date, she asked me what shoes I would be bringing so she could work some outfits around them.

This is the image I sent her:14285672_10154444649887416_796917475_o

I wish I could have seen her face.

I know there are a couple things that are concerning here. One probably being;  okay you only own two casual-ish pairs of shoes, and two, they are both heeled? Kaya you are going to be exploring a new city for goodness sake!

Tilda genuinely didn’t believe that was all that I had in my closet, but then I had to explain further. I do have a lot of shoes. In fact I have a weakness for shoes. But for some reason this weakness only extends to sexy heels that are more than impracticable for longer than 4 hours at a time (on a good day, with my gel insoles in, I can hit 8.) When I think about what could be considered casual in my closet, I’ve got the above pair, some flip flops, a pair of worn out runners, and some really gross work-flats. In other words, nothing I would like to bring to look stylish and put together on my vacation.

I’m pretty sure she was still skeptic until she came over, and I was able to bring out my collection in person:



I actually think some are missing, but I’m not too sure anymore… The thing is these guys only leave my closet for Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas Parties and Birthdays. Because the rest of the year, I am a complete hermit who likes her sweatpants.

But I mean, aren’t they all beautiful!? And yes, obviously I want, and feel like I need more. But Tilda has been introducing me to the world of cheap and stylish footwear that can suit me better day-to-day, so for now, I shall resist.



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