Edmonton Adventures (Part 2)

What a crazy week it’s been. I’ve been going non-stop since last Friday, but thank goodness it’s the weekend again and I don’t have to do anything! Well a few minor things regarding couches (moving woes) but that’s easy! Now, finally, Edmonton Part 2:

Again, the reason I was in Edmonton was because of my dads wedding 🙂 It was held on the east lawn of the Alberta Legislature building. It was beautiful! The weather was nice all weekend, until Sunday. The wind and rain moved in, but thankfully held off right up until the last photo was taken.

Now, since I wasn’t present for my dad’s first wedding (because I was not yet conceived) I had to go shopping for the perfect outfit! I had Tilda come with me because she is an awesome stylist, and we eventually found this skirt from Zara:


she immediately googled what colour top to wear with it and BOOM this burgundy crop top, that I already owned, was the chosen colour! Another added plus, these burgundy/black booties that I also already owned to match my top:


and thus the perfect outfit was created all thanks to Tilda 🙂 Not so perfect was the weather on the actual day of the wedding. With the wind and the rain and the shivering, I opted for warmth instead. I wore a nice pair of dark skinny jeans, with a emerald green crop top, but I did wear the booties!

One cool thing that happened was on my walk from my hotel to my brothers hotel (because I had to check out), while carrying my broken wheely luggage and wearing my heels, a boy stopped me and asked to carry my luggage for me 🙂 I credit my heels for that haha It was the nicest thing someone else has done for me in a while!

Thank-you Sk8er Boi Collin for going out of your way to help a stranger. I am truly grateful! Also thank-you for reminding me that there is kindness in the world.

All-in-all a great weekend filled with family, fun, and love! Next: my mothers wedding, maybe I can wear that skirt then! Like I told both my parents: “I might not have been there for the first wedding, but I’ll sure as shit be there for the second one!”


Isn’t love beautiful!

Xo Tiana


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