liquid lipstick lover


My friend who is a Makeup Artist got me my first lipstick for my birthday 4 years ago. Ruby Woo by Mac Cosmetic. Rub Woo was a prefect match for me, it would  only make sense since she is a expect so she would know what looks good. That’s when the lip color obsession started. My first liquid lipstick was Coloured Raine was Vanity Raine. I kept seeing it on Instagram so I had to try it and I never looked back after try it. I never thought I would be the kinda person to spend $30 on single lipstick. I remember a couples years ago I went to Mac with a friend and she bought a $22 lipstick and I was like “I would never do that that’s so expensive and ridiculous” like Jaden Smith says”never say never” hint the 15 I own now. I keep my liquid lipsticks in this gold pineapple .

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipstick


What I have 
 Vamp , Trust Issues , Madison
Again my MUA friend introduced me to Anastasia. She did warn me it was expensive but I had a gift card so I was like whatever. I have a gift card I am not the one paying for it. So I bought Vamp It was smooth to apply ,very OPAQUE and lasted long . Its perfect for black girls. I recommend it. I went back and bought 2 more.I really shouldn’t have bought it because I am hooked now . I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the holy grail of all liquid lipstick. Is it worth $30 tax included  ? if you buy the best neutral color for you its worth it.
Cost for each -$26 CAD .
Wish List
Veronica & Soft Lilac

Coloured Raine – Matte Liquid Lipstick


What I have
Vanity Raine ,Raine Fever ,Roulette,Soul,Truffle Raine
4/5 for being opaque and lasting long but lost points for being dry. Which is to be expected for liquid lipsticks but i would still like that to not be an issue. Also I gave them a 4 because for them making me buy Roulette and Raine Fever thinking they would look different but on dark skin they are the literally the same lipstick you cant even tell the difference. They have now resolved this issue. Every lipstick shows what the color looks like on dark skin.
Cost for each -$17 USD.
Wish List

Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


What I have
Lolita & Ayesha
Some what opaque, nice colors but, Its dries up your lips . They aren’t really my go to lipsticks
Cost for each -$24 CAD .
Wish List
Used to have Bauhau5 deep raspberry got lost or is stolen 

Beauty  Bakerie -Lip Whip


What I have
Raspberry Tiramisú & Très Jolie
I Bought this because I saw a video on tumblr on how the lipsticks will not come off under water. Its good but its not as amazing as the video made it seem it still comes of when I eat. Its doesn’t apply smoothly its patch you need a liner or apply a couple times.
Cost for each -$20 USD
Wish List
S’mores D’oeuvres, Gingersnap, Fortune Cookie 

Colour Pop– Ultra Matte Lip



What I have
Silhoutte , Creeper , Succulent –
These liquid lipsticks are worst the formula is so flaky. You put it on and it dries quickly its really unattractive. I guess at the price at they are at you get what you pay for. People say Colour Pop formula has changed but it really turned me off. I will stick too Anastasia.
Cost for each -$6 USD
Wish List

Top 5

Anastasia Beverley hills – Vamp

Coloured Raine – Soul

Anastasia Beverley hills – Trust Issues

Anastasia Beverley hills -Madison

Coloured Raine – Vanity Raine


All in all, i have spend a good $300 and somethings on liquid lipstick. Yikes

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