Storyhive: Haze

For those of you who don’t know what Storyhive is it’s “a community-powered funding program for emerging content creators in BC and Alberta” put on by Telus. Basically people who want to create content, but lack the funding to properly make their ideas, send said ideas to Storyhive, and if approved, the community votes on who they want to win funding!

With that being said PLEASE VOTE FOR HAZE:

Haze is created by a few friends of mine who are near and dear to my heart! The project is about avoiding responsibilities, and seeking personal affirmation through othres, which is something many people can relate to.

Voting is SO easy: simply click here, and click VOTE (found on the right hand side of your screen) It’s that easy! Anyone can do it, and the best part is that you don’t have to sign up for anything! You can vote once a day! So vote on your smart phone, then laptop, then tell all your friends to do the same! Voting ends in 2 days! Please please please vote, and I’ll love you forever 🙂

Oh and since you can vote for 5 different projects here are a few others in case you need help deciding:

Please take 5 seconds to vote, not only are you supporting many young aspiring filmmakers, you are supporting new original content!

Thanks you so so SO much!!

Xo Tiana


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