Treat your Feet

Your feet work so hard to keep you going, they deserve a little TLC! I know mine do. I spend most of my work week in steal toes because I work in a warehouse. So I’ve decided I’m going to treat my feet via a foot bath at home using Lush products! I love to treat my feet, and I love Lush, so it’s a win-win. PLUS Lush’s core value are hardcore in an awesome, environmentally friendly kind of way!

The Lush brand is centered around their 6 core values: Naked, 100% Vegetarian, Freshest Cosmetics, Fighting Against Animal Testing, Handmade, and Ethical Buying.

Our values are at the core of everything we do. From ethically sourcing the ingredients we use to creating fresh, vegetarian cosmetics by hand, you’ll find each value in every product we create. –

I love that every product is 100% vegetarian, and more than 80% of those products are make with vegan ingredients, their packaging is 100% recyclable, and their zero tolerance for animal testing policy!

And so today I shall treat my feet to lush. Here’s my “Treat your Feet” routine:

First I use the Volcano foot mask:


I slather my feet in the this foot mask that leaves your feet with a tingly, cool feeling, then I wrap my feet in grocery bags and put on my slippers so the mask really soaks in.


While my feet were soaking in the mask I prepared a little foot soak for myself using hot water and Lush’s Foot Soak and Fancy Free. This time I’m using a tin container, but if you can, I recommend just putting your feet right into the sink. It makes everything way easier. Next is the foot soak. I keep them in the hot water for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that I take the Pumice Power foot soap and scrub off the foot mask. BOOM! Just like that my feet feel so mush smoother and refreshed!!

Note: The Volcano foot mask does leave your feet feeling cool for a while after, so if you don’t want your feel a bit chilled then do the foot mask and foot soak separately.

The great thing about all these products is that they’re created to soften the hardened skin on your feet. Now the only thing I’m missing is a nice foot lotion to put on after. Lush definitely has some good ones that I am dying to try so I can add it to my “Treat your Feet” regimen. Next time!

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Xo Tiana


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