Tools For Tildy – Gofundme

This year I started a little a small Canadian/ Vancouver based brand  business I make kimonos. Each kimono is ONE of a kind chosen from limited fabrics that include 70% recycled textiles.  The kimonos are handmade with TLC. My business is going well but i am not making enough to get all my supplies and be more efficient. You know what they say “it takes money to get money” so I have decided to do a gofundme. I am hoping to raise $1000 to get all my equipment. I need the money by Black Friday or Boxing Day for I can get the best deals.

I will use the money to buy the following :
Cutting board
Rotary cutter
Detachable spool rack thread holder
Sewing chair
Business cards

And if you are feeling really generous and just want to but me the equipment

Check out my Wish List.

Looking forward to your donations. Thanks in advance



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