Essie Gel Couture Review

A quick update: This has been the busiest week of my life! I moved, I didn’t have internet, and frankly I’ve been extremely exhausted. BUT NOW I have the WiFi, and an extra long weekend, so let’s get to it!

After searching for the new Essie Gel Couture at any Shoppers Drug Mart I could go to, I was able to find it at London Drug!


There were so many colours to chose from, but I went with #320 Find Me A Man-nequin (It’s like Essie knew I was going to pick that shade…) I applied it Sunday night so it would be fresh for work on Monday morning.

The application was easy and the colour was opaque from the first coat. However, it was the dry time that I was blown away with! In a total of an hour I had done 2 coats of the polish, and 1 layer of the top coat, and it was all dry to the touch! There wasn’t even bed sheet marks imprinted on my nails the next morning.


AND this is how they held up during the week. KEEP IN MIND this is after 5 days of work. I use my hands for everything at work, for very meticulous things such as twisting floral wire onto Christmas ornaments, or hand lighting a Christmas tree. This is also after doing my regular house routine: Dishes, bathing, cleaning, Etc.

My right hand (the image on the right) is in much better shape then my left hand (odd cause I’m right handed).

CONCLUSION: I’m confident that had I worn any other polish to work by Wednesday it would have looked like Dominic Monaghan’s nail polish in Season 3 of Lost. I’m also confident that if my job didn’t entail so much meticulous work, my polish would be more intact. Overall I’m pleased!

I would use Essie Gel Couture simply for its fantastic dry time! No other polish (that I’ve tried) comes close to drying as fast as Gel Couture does!

Five stars, 10/10, recommend 100% – Me

So try it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Xo Tiana


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