My First NHL Game

I finally went to my first Vancouver Canucks game! Pre-season, but still a game! I got to see the Vancouver Canucks (whom have had a place in my heart for a while) versus the San Jose Sharks.img_6269

There were so many fights, you could even see the blood on the ice during one of them! It was awesome! I loved being surrounded by other fan, sharing the energy. IT GETS YOU PUMPED! The energy for regular season games must be INSANE.

I definitely plan on going to more games. Also Vancouver has always been an attractive team, and not much has changed 🙂 so I would like to be seated closer to the ice.


I really, really, really, want a jersey! SO BAD. There are 2 problems though 1) My favourite players keep getting traded and therefore I don’t know whose name to rock on the back, and 2) Those jersey are hella pricey!


UPDATE: I’ve thought about it. If I had to put a current Canuck on my jersey it would be Bo Horvat.

Thanks for listening to my non-sense 

Xo Tiana


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