I have a theory about this creepy clown business that’s been going on. So this clowning around started in the US, yes? Ok so my theory is that this all started at some university fraternity for Initiation Week (hell week), where the pledges are forced to dress up like clowns and terrorize the community. Why? because Pledges are always forced to do dumb, scary, life threatening stuff.

Image result for clown sightings 2016

Stay with me here.

These Frat Boy Wannabes are being forced to dress up like clowns with weapons, and chase people/ lure children into the woods… for a fraternity.

A few things could happen/have happened:

  1. The people being chased will run, OR
  2. The people being chased will fight back with fists, or weapons.
  3. The clowns are arrested


I’ve read this one online and my roommate also likes this theory too, but all this clown business is for A FREAKING MOVIE. A marketing scheme. Yes, it could be for the remake of It, with a scarier Pennywise. BUT WHY? WHY. WOULD. YOU. DO. THAT?

Image result for Pennywise
1990 VS 2017

Terrorize the very people you want to attend your movie? NO THANKS! and deeply traumatize people who don’t want to see a scary clown movie.

one thing is for sure: PLEASE STOP. I’m not one who is particularity scared of clowns, but if I see one of these clowns walking around, I WILL NOT BE HAPPY.

**cries at the thought of seeing a clown walking down the street**

Xo Tiana


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