We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

For as long as I can remember I have loved sharks. Starting of course, with the beautiful Great White Shark. This love developed into a love for all the different species that swim in the sea.

My love of sharks definitely stems from a fear of them, probably from watching Jaws (but I can’t quite pin point the the cause). What also emerged out of that fear was a curiosity; and while, yes I’m definitely still scared of them, I want to learn as much as I can about them.

This love of sharks is also turning into a love of marine life as a whole. I should have done more chemistry and math in high school because I would have made an excellent Marine Biologist.

Here are my top 4 favourite Sharks (in no particular order… except #1):

  1. The Great White Shark

It is a dream of mine to see a Great White Shark full breach out off the water! It’s speed and muscle propelled out of the sea all to catch its prey.

Image result for great white shark jumping gif

HOW COOL IS THAT!? Plus let’s face it, sharks in general get a bad wrap, but Great Whites are very misunderstood 😦 They are just curious creatures. While their sense of smell is very sharp, they do have to bite to taste. Unlike us mouth breathers who taste with our tongues, a sharks taste receptors are found behind the teeth and throughout the mouth. It’s not their fault that they have to bite you to find out if you’re food or not…

Image result for great white shark Image result for great white shark full breach gif

But come on, look how cute they are!!! #Majestic

      2. The Thresher Shark

My favourite thing about these little guys is their main characteristic, their elongated tail!

Image result for Thresher Shark swimming gif

The threshers tail, which is noticeably longer than most other sharks tails, can be as long as the threshers body! While it’s unsure what the thresher uses its long tail for (other than swimming), it has been observed that the thresher occasionally uses its tail to stun its prey before eating it. These guys are deep water hunters, so fear not.

Image result for Thresher Shark Image result for pelagic thresher shark

Look at that little face! He’s more scared of you, then you are of him! #Cutie

      3. The Bull Shark

These guys actually scare me. They don’t live in just the ocean, they can be found in rivers and lakes too! That’s right: saltwater & freshwater!

Image result for bull shark

Bull sharks have stocky bodies compared to most sharks. I read or heard on a documentary that their pectoral fins can curl under a tad bit. I picture it to look this:

Image result for buff Cartoon

To add to the terror, the bull shark has the strongest bite of any shark including the great white and tiger shark. NO THANKS! Watch River Monsters on Netflix, they talk about the different places Bull Sharks have popped up around the world.

Bull Sharks will kind of eat anything. I like that they have this hunting technique where they will bump their prey with their snout, then bite it… so be careful out there, they have been known to attack humans.

Quick Fact: Tiger sharks and bull sharks are two of the three shark species most likely to attack humans. The third is the great white.

Oh and how cool is this:

In July 1916, five shark attacks occurred within 10 days along the New Jersey shore. While a great white shark was originally implicated, a few of the attacks occurred within two miles up Matawan Creek where white sharks can’t survive but bull sharks can. Today researchers believe a bull shark was likely responsible for these attacks, which ended up inspiring Jaws.


JAWS WAS INSPIRED BY REAL EVENTS!! learning something new every day! Although no pleased that all the fear was dumped onto the Great White 😦 #morelikebullyshark

4. Whale Sharks

I love these guys!!!

Image result for whale shark gif

I don’t know much about them, but I do know this: they are the largest fish in the entire ocean, they eat plankton, they are so calm, and you can dive and swim with them. That’s what I love the most about them, in comparison to other sharks, they are gentle giants. #ChillShark

Image result Image result for whale shark gif

Sharks are tough creatures, but their main predator is us. We are wiping them out in large numbers, at alarming rates. Sharks are a crucial part of the oceans ecosystems and we need to protect them! Not out of fear, but for the health and well-being of our planet.

Still, compared to most things potentially fatal to humans, shark attacks are extremely low on the list. In fact, only around six people die of shark attacks each year.


For more information, check out some of these great websites:

And for more on shark conservation check out these websites:

It’s so important to change the negative way sharks are viewed. You don’t have to donate, or adopt a shark, but please educate yourself. Read and learn about them as much as you can.

Xo Tiana




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