Nature Republic Review : Lemon peeling gel & cooling gel

I got my Nature Republic a products at Aberdeen mall in Richmond, they have a nature republic store. I was not looking to by anything at all because this the most poor I have been since I quit VS. All I really wanted was cheap hand handle mirror from Daiso. I need a mirror so I can watch TV and do my face at the same time as I get ready for work. My Asian friend who is obsessed with Korean beauty products and face masks dragged me into all the Asian beauty Face Shop Tony Moly . We finally got in to Nature Republic and my friend was going nuts. I got bored and started trying on products accidental tried on Foot & Nature peeling mask my skin pilled off.  I was like that is strange then I was intrigued because at the time i had my face was very flaky i thought i could use it for my face. The sale associate told me the the foot peeling mask was to aggressive and recommended the lemon peel. Again I am dirt poor so I was hesitate to get it so i just held on to it. at the end i decided to buy it. My friend was still browsing so i kept wondering around. the front of the store there was a huge tower of Cooling gel jars. The cooling gel got me because it had 9 benefits and I love getting my moneys worth. both items cost me $25.

Lemon Peeling Gel $15


Instant result , if you are like me and love to see results right away you will love this product. I had dry spots around my ever since i started using this they are all gone.

Lightly scented, you can hardly smell the lemon or anything

Easy to use, you just put it on your face an rub lightly

Good for dry skin, gets rid of all the dry skin so you have a really really smooth face. you wont stop touching your face.

I don’t think its recommended but I do it . because of my love for liquid lipsticks i get flaky lips I use this to get rid of those flakes and it works

Will but again


Don’t use more than 2 times a weeks, you will be tempted because your skin will be “new born”soft .

Gross, since you are actually getting rid of your skin you you sill see little balls of grey skins in your hands and face . So its best to the process right before you jump in the shower

Cooling Gel $9



Amazing for pimple swelling reductions

Not sticky or oily

Smooth finish

Redness reduction



The instructions say you can use on hair , but I don’t recommend if for people with dry hair . The cooling gel is not very moisturizing for dry hair.

The cooling gel is not amazing enough for me to give to buy it again.


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