RIP Makeup Bag

I am coming here today to write the obituary for my Makeup Bag. I lost it while at my cousin’s wedding in London, and I am still struggling to come to terms with it all.

As you may know, I have racked up quite a serious makeup addiction over the past year, with a huge theme of this addiction being lipsticks.

A couple months ago, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy a makeup bag for the sole purpose of holding my lipsticks and transporting them to and from… Don’t ask me why I felt a time would come where I would need all my lipsticks in one place… but anyways…

Dear makeup bag,

Our time together was too short, but oh was it sweet. You acted as protecter and safeguarder to some of my favourite objects in the whole world. You cradled them, and cared for them while they rested, awaiting their turn to be featured for the day.

I want to apologize for that night. I don’t know what made me take you out of the house, on such a far journey. I really only needed one lipstick at the wedding, not 20+ of them… but I think that there was something comforting in knowing I had you with me; that I could switch up my look at a moment’s notice if necessary.

I’m sorry I left you in my mother’s bag, instead of holding you close. I’m sorry that when you fell underneath the table, it wasn’t me to pick you up tenderly and put you back where you belonged. I’m sorry that my brother didn’t think you belonged to me, and that he left lying there in the dark. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my sorry’s won’t bring you back.

All I can hope for you and the makeup you held so protectively, is that you found someone to love you as I did. Someone who sees the value in you, who will not be as foolish as I to not take care of you. I hope that you are happy, and that you have found yourself a home.

When I eventually come to terms with your loss, I will be seeking out another. I hope to have your blessing, and that you know you can never truly be replaced as my first.

With all my love,

RIP Makeup Bag.





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