i didn’t choose the “patch” life, it chose me

My current motto is  If you can wear it ,you can patch it. Patches and pins is a trend I can’t enough of. I only have 2 times with patches on them but I think I need more



Patches on Shoes

Hipstapatch These are $4 patches that a young girl and her mom has made a business into! They are the cutest little patches ever, they have many from ice creams, pizza, kiss lips, rainbows, to even letters. You can stick them anywhere and restick them also! I already have many and you guy should get some too! Use my discount code ASPRINGER10 on any purchase to get 10% off!! Follow them on Instagram @Hipstapatch and check out their website http://www.hipstapatch.com to get them For Love and Lemons Accessories:

Patches on Jeans

patches from different countries or places like stickers on a trunk:

Patches on Jackets

A leather jacket with all the trimmings.:

Patches on HatsQuirky & whimsical embroidered patch baseball hats - caps. You choose the patch & hat color! Features Wildflower + Co. embroidered patches.:

Patches on Bags

Tutorial – Customize uma bolsa com patches:

where to find pins and patches


Coucou Suzette





American Eagle



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