Not even “star power” could save us from Donald Trump. I’m sure you saw the video campaigns of celebrities begging you to vote, vote for the future, vote for Hillary. Well the rest is history, and the next 4 years will be historic and probably not in a good way.

People are scared and people are pissed, it’s no secret, but people can’t be mad at the fact that Trump voters hit the polls hard. They should be mad that nearly half of eligible voters in the country who didn’t vote.

The vote was split so close, but the startling truth is that the next president is a xenophobic fear mongering sexist. However, the most powerful image I saw immediately after the news of Trump’s win was this:

The future of America chose to continue along the path of love, acceptance, and growth. After the next 4 years we (the world) will need just that. I don’t know if Mrs. Obama has even talked about running in 2020 but I’ve seen a lot of support for her should she chose to do so.

So even though I can’t vote (being Canadian and all) I vote for Michelle Obama in 2020. Let’s reboot that Obama Administration!


At least think about it, ok?

Xo Tiana



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