Snow Day YVR

It’s what some people are referring to as snowpocalypse, or snowmageddon! Yes, It’s snowing in Vancouver. Everyone woke up to a fresh blanket of snow that covered the city. This is only the first day of snow and it has been chaos.

To be fair it doesn’t snow often in Vancouver, but when it does it’s usually the same effect: people who already don’t drive well seem to forget the basics, and transit is thrown in a tizzy!

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a regular commute to work despite the snow. I was wrong. I left my house a little later than usual (my first mistake), but I promptly caught the train (that wasn’t that full) and made my way to the bus stop.

The lineup for the 99 was insane to say the least. What is usually a 20-30 person per line was at least 60 people per line, and was extending into the train station. I thought “jokes on them, i’ll just go to the 9 bus stop down the block.” NOPE! That line was just as long! But I had made my choice, so I committed. I waited for about half an hour and not one bus came. Not for the 9, or the 99. So I walked down the street to a different bus stop where I could have two different options: the 15 or the 17. I waited another half an hour and still not a single bus! Buses were going in the opposite direction, but not returning. At this point I’m late for work, I’m sick of waiting, my feet are sopping wet due to my poor choice of footwear (my second mistake) and my toes are about to fall off.

So I did what anyone would do: I went to the closest Starbucks for my morning coffee. I mean at this point I just wanted to cry because I was cold and tired of waiting. So I went home. I threw my boss a text and told her I was going home to dry off and try the commute again on  an alternate route. Thankfully she told me not to come in. God bless her soul!

Turns out everyone’s commutes were thrown for a loop. My commute (which includes train-bus-train, or train-bus, or train-bus-bus) is 30 minuets total on a good day. Today I only made it passed the first train.

What a way to spend a Monday! I just hope tomorrow is better, for everyone. And hopefully we all learn from this!

  • Why is the city never prepared for snow?
  • Why do people forget how to drive?
  • Why did it have to happen on a Monday?

As someone who is ok with only seeing snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I’ll be more then happy to wake up tomorrow to see it all melted. Stay cozy!

Xo Tiana



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