2017 aspiration to be skinny & rich

2017 goals

  1. Self confidence 
  2. Family /Friends
  3. Career/Money 
  4. Vacation 
  5. Lose weight but will see
  6. Almost forgot I would love to be a better writer. my grammar be bad

1. Self confidence is so underrated. I would like to think I have good self esteem but when it comes to  down work I lack confidence which affects my communications skills. In my personal life I have been getting better at communicating but I am still learning .With my new found confidence; I would love to be able to take some criticism without taking it personal. I have to admit sometimes when someone criticizes me I always want to cry. So I could use self confidence if I want to be a boss bitch i need to have thick skin and toughen up

2. Family /friends have gotten very important to me .I haven’t seen my family in a year . and I would love to see them more than once next year. Plus my dad turns 50 next year I really want to be there for that. I have been lucky with the friends I have so i would like to keep them . My goal is to hang out wit my friends more often even when I don’t feel like it. Get dressed and go.

3. Career/Money I also want a job as a personal stylist . C’mon universe Please give me something i have suffered enough I need this . Its my turn goddamn it. If you cant give me that. Can you at least give me a well paying easy job that’s not boring. Thank you.

4.Vacation . I really want to go to Mexico . or somewhere anywhere hot

5. Weight lose . Like literately anyone who has ever been alive in the history of humans my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to lose weight. It would be bomb if I lost 50 pounds and i was gutless. but I would love just losing 15 pounds. father god give me the motivation and determination to stick to clean eating and working out.


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