Women’s March on Washington: Vancouver, BC


Today (January 21, 2017) I had the privilege of joining millions of people around the world in the Women’s March right here in Vancouver. We exercised our constitutional right to assemble peacefully, and it was the first time I had ever done that. It was a beautiful experience to be in the presence of others who where all together for the same reasons.

My journey to Jack Poole Plaza was exciting from the get go: the train ride filled with women and men of all ages, and backgrounds. Some with signs, some having positive conversations about the up coming march. Waterfront Station, oh Waterfront Station, I have never seen you so alive. It wasn’t filled with people distractedly trying to get from point A to point B and beyond, it too was filled with Women March supporters. There was such a great energy in the building and that was only the beginning.

The walk over to Jack Poole Plaza was so alive as friends met up together, embracing and sharing signs. Floods of people made their way over, if you didn’t know where you were going you just simply had to follow the crowd, and oh what a crowd it was.

Jack Poole Plaza – This looks empty compared to how many people showed up after I took this panorama.

Once the music started and the organizers asked people to move forward it really filled up! The organizers spoke about how they had basically put everything together in 2 weeks, and a few members from different First Nations communities spoke as well. The first woman spoke about the injustices against indigenous women in Canada, and how “the highway of tears” name has normalized the fact that hundreds of first nations women have gone missing.

The second speaker, a man, talked about his privilege made him blind to how women are being treated, until women in his community opened his eyes. It’s beautiful to have allies stand with you to show their support.

Then a supportive message from Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the actual march itself took place, but I’m so glad I got to attend and stand in the crowd. It was easy to be overcome with emotions when surrounded by thousands of others’ positive energy and strength.

I loved seeing all the signs people had made, there were so many, but the ones that stood out the most were the ones that read:

“Pussy Grabs Back”

There’s so much power in that statement. When there are so many people torn up about this movement for no reason, to see the negativity and true colours coming from people on the internet and Facebook; taking a statement that stems from negativity and turning into a positive is so empowering.

Don’t be afraid to grab back. Stand up for yourself, and for others. I really hope people feel as empowered as I do. PLUS LOOK AT THIS, pictures from the many marches that took place from around the world!

To be surrounded by people who are positive, peaceful, and with a thirst for change isn’t a bad way to spend part of my day.

Xo Tiana


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