Cantu Beauty , holy grail products for natural hair :

Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream


Shea Butter “for natural” Leave-In Conditioning Cream

I am doing this review because like everyone is the world no one likes reading. We like pictures and if it looks the same it should be same one right? , wrong . I  first purchased Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream 453g i loved it so much I finished it so fast. Then I went back to get it instead I bought Shea butter “for natural” Leave-In Conditioning Cream 350 g.  But when i bought it i never noticed the “for natural” part I just assumed it was the same,they just made the jar smaller and keep the same price. I was pissed off but I still bought it. I go home and i try it ,and it wasn’t the same thing very similar but just quite not right . For months it ate me alive. Then one day i doing my twist and i saw on the jar it said for natural.  I quickly went on line to see if they were actually 2 different things turned out they were. Duh . lesson learned read you labels .

With that said which one is better . you would thing the one that says “for natural”hair is better  but they both have their benefits

Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream 453g


Instant moisture : If you are like me and you have dry as hell  4 b/c  and you also love instant gratification. You will love this product. As soon as you put it on your head with dry grass. That hay of yours will turn into actual hair and become soft.

Manageability: This product is amazing for detangling hair. Your hair start to behave and doing what you want it to do.

Light weight: This is not greasy your hair will feel light after using the product. You can fluff it out.

Volume: It gives your hair more volume, it kinda stretches your hair out. Seriously, your hair comes out from hiding

CHEAP!!! Cantu beauty has one of the more affordable hair products out there


 Longevity: The down side is it that moisture doesn’t last all day.

Product Built: Since its very light and doesn’t have longevity. Its so easy to over do by putting to much and ending up with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Scent: The smell its not terrible but it also notsmell amazing. If you do not mind lightly scented soap, then you will be fine.

OK  results for twist outs . Since again the moisture doesnt last all day,When your twist out come out they wont be as moisturized. Your hair will have the shape ,but it will be dry.


Shea butter “for natural” Leave-In Conditioning Cream 350 g


Scent: Smells like sweet cocktail drink . People always compliment me by say I smell good when I put this in my hair.

 Longevity: This product last all day. Will touch my hair at night and i will still feel the softness.

Twist out turn out amazing twist; Since the moisture last long . You twist come out nice and moisturized

SOFT: When you put this on your hair will be so soft and it even feels healthy and strong

CHEAP :Without exclamation points because it cost the same as the 453g but its only 350g


OK for detangling you really have to work for it.

OK Volume : Since this doesn’t have the key ingredient that gives hair instant manageability and I am thinking that ingredient might be water. Your hair doesn’t stretch out as much. 

Product Built: Not as much as the none natural product . but I still see dandruff more than I would like


In conclusion, which one is better I cant say. All i can say is this has been a complete waste of time because I still like both. Shea butter Leave-In Conditioning for its detangling abilities and instant moistness. Shea butter “for natural” Leave-In Conditioning for its smell and how long it last. If they combined these 2 for a super power product. I would pay twice as much.I also would say buy both and test it out for yourself . If you do not like them send them to me I will use them.


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    1. You should try it i really like it. I haven’t the pleasure to try shea moisture products because of the price point when i try to order on line because its available where i live. but I really want to try them because i have heard amazing things about the product

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