Whats is my natural hair type ?

So I spend the majority of my day trying to figure out what my hair type is ?. I have always thought I was the nappiest of all naps; 4C.  The more I did my research the more and more, I realized there is like 3 credible websites. And the rest off y’all don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. No offense to any one but y’all cant agree on anything and there is no science behind it. Stop your lies and go to the people that know what they are talking about.

All I know is that my hair looks like tiny little springs , its very fragile and doesnt hold much moisture. Which most website do say that is 4C hair, and then there are those websites that say i am a 4B and even one said I was 4D. What is it then, what is it ???

In conclusion, it was waste of time again because I will say I have 4c hair. Where my 4C nappy headed hoes at???? HEY YALL. I know our hair is tough but you know what girl its what we got so just go with it .




One thought on “Whats is my natural hair type ?

  1. Hair typing was a waste of time for me. My hair is different and the pattern changes depending on what I do to it. Sometimes I think I’m a 3C other times a 4B o4 4C. It’s all BS. I had better success finding products after I started researching hair porosity. I have low porosity so my hair responds better to products when I add heat (warming the products or putting on a shower cap).

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