Like literally anyone who has ever been alive in the history of humans my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to lose weight. I have been wanting to lose weight for the past decade. Every year I say I will lose but all I do is Gain Gain Gain No Matter. Got fat on my fat and I can’t get rid off it.

My weight gain started the same time started puberty, I remember when I was 12  and my hips and thighs came thru and my pants were so tight and my thighs started to rub together. People did not necessary make fun of me but they liked to point it out . It didn’t help that i developed early. On top of the thick thighs I had boobs to top it off. So people really noticed my weight gain. My weight gain is a combination of bad eating habits,, slow metabolism  and lack of exercise. I started noticing my weight gain a few months a year after moving to Canada. I went from a six 5 to a size 10 .I know this because I bought a swim shorts in the summer  then he flowing summer they didn’t fit. This happening because I was leaving in poverty where all we ate was bread and tea. Then I came to Canada and I could eat whatever I wanted at any time because my dad had 2 jobs so he was hardly home to notice my terrible eating habits .When he finally noticed he got a treadmill and made me run in the mornings. When he noticed I wasn’t losing weight he bought me weight loss pills. When he did that it hurt me a lot like i wasn’t good enough as a person. Like need to be a certain type of person for him to love me. My dad isn’t a bad guy he was just trying to help but he didn’t know  much about nutrition to know that even with exercise if you eat crap you don’t lose anything. I don’t remember actually losing weight form the pills but after the pills my dad stopped pressuring me to lose weight , which was a huge relief to me. From time to time he would say some comments about my weight but i just brushed it off.  I want to lose weight because I would lie if I said I didn’t to show him off and say ha  #lookatmenow. BUT the main reason i need to drop weight is because high blood pressure runs in my family. I also have been having heart pains that might be contribution to weight I have gained over the years. Also i would like to look amazing naked

This year is the heaviest I have been all my life. I currently weighing between 192 LB on empty stomach and 198 LB on full stomach. My BMI of 32 falls into the category considered  class 1 obesity. This is a low risky obesity. But never the less that is still obesity .I would love to be not obese. My current  jean size is between a 12 and 16  And my top size is between a M and XL depends where I shop.

For the most part I like the way I look. I have a nice face and legs. If I had a flat stomach I would be ok with my size but I have big ol gut that looks like I am 6 months pregnant. In a perfect world I would love to weigh 135 LB and be a size 4 or 6. That would mean I would have to lose 63 pounds but I have been told that is way too much fat to lose and I would be too skinny and unhealthy. My goal is to lose 50 LB and be at 150 LB. I would love to lose 20 LB by summer. If anything this year I would love to lose 15 pounds or fit back in my size 10 JCrew khakis pants.

I have tried to drop lbs before but my lack of

  • motivation
  • Determination
  • restrain for unhealthy food
  • knowledge on nutrition
  • and the final my need for instant gratification is what’s holding me back. I just need to be patient.  

I know there is no secrets to losing weight but if you are fitness guru and you have any tricks and tips on how to start or easy into a weight loss journey. Like exercise that actually work or foods to cut out and add to but diet

Please give me tips.


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